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Platform(s): PlayStation 3
Genre: Action
Developer: Jet Set Games
Release Date: January 2011

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'Conspiracy ' (PSN) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Dec. 10, 2010 @ 8:36 a.m. PST

Conspiracy for PlayStation Home is a third-person action/puzzle game that takes place in a secret world filled with covert infiltration and espionage.

In Conspiracy, players form alliances within in-game corporations and raid ever-more-challenging corporate facilities, taking on guards, turrets, security systems, and traps with cat-like grace, or sledgehammer-like force. Conspiracy’s gameplay revolves around the theft of “The Goods” — intelligence, technology, and other secrets that corporations have locked in their hidden, well-guarded and booby-trapped facilities.

Players can also work together to uncover the ultimate Conspiracy involving the in-game corporations, played out in the story of the game, the discovery of which is revealed through secret messages and other hidden elements woven inside and outside of the game world.

“Conspiracy is the first social spy-based game, and PlayStation Home is the perfect platform for this action-puzzler, due to its robust community and gorgeous 3D gameplay,” said Rade Stojsavljevic, president of Jet Set Games. “We look forward to seeing how the community works together, both inside and outside of the game world, to solve individual puzzles and uncover clues about the overall Conspiracy. How the players respond to the content will guide us in future updates to the game.”

Features of Conspiracy:

  • Puzzle Based Raids – Multiple puzzle-based raids that players work through to gain The Goods and uncover parts of the overall Conspiracy. The raids feature varying degrees of difficulty, with increasingly elaborate security measures to match the player’s growing skills.
  • Uncover the Conspiracy – Players can work together, both in game and through external communications channels and social networks, to piece together the overall story of the game. Players who uncover various parts of the Conspiracy are rewarded with exclusive items and abilities.
  • Gear Impacts Gameplay – Players take their PlayStation Home avatar through the raids and can upgrade their character’s clothing, weapons, gadgets and abilities through both in-game rewards and micro-transactions.
  • Replayability – Players can solve raids multiple times to uncover new secrets and clues, earn additional faction points for their corporation, improve their times, and increase their personal rank on the leader boards.
  • Ongoing Content Updates – New raids, additional player factions, new items and gear, and further story plot points are planned on an ongoing basis.

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