Emergency 2012

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Publisher: Deep Silver (EU), THQ (US)
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2010 (US), Oct. 8, 2010 (EU)

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'Emergency 2012' Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Dec. 2, 2010 @ 11:58 a.m. PST

The world as we know it is out of control! As the head of all rescue operations – you must ensure that the job gets done with all fire and rescue services, police and specialist personnel. The world is counting on you – can you handle the pressure?

Get the Emergency 2012 Demo off WP (1.7GB)

Devastating earthquakes. Record-breaking tsunamis. Category 5 hurricanes. Doomsday is upon us and it’s up to you to change the future of the world.

Key Features:

  • Extensive single player game with career and challenge mode and also share the mayhem in multi-player mode.
  • Command a huge range of emergency resources and vehicles are at the your disposal including fire trucks, heavy salvage trucks and more.
  • Experience fire-fighting, police operations and technical rescue missions.
  • Enjoy realistic day-night effects, weather conditions and spectacular special effects.
  • Command and coordinate units across 12 thrilling missions including disasters, accidents, terror incidents and many more!

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