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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Vogster
Developer: Vogster Interactive
Release Date: Aug. 25, 2009

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'CrimeCraft' Content Update Adds Tweaks, Fixes, Seedy NightClubs And More

by Rainier on May 29, 2010 @ 1:04 a.m. PDT

CrimeCraft, powered by the Unreal Engine 3, is an MMO that combines the action of a tactical shooter with the strategy of an RPG. Set in a modern world you take part in the political, economical and social life of a big city.

The game is set in a modern world. Players will take part in the political, economical and social life of a big city. They will run businesses, engage in commerce, and suffer the consequences of confrontations with criminal groups and shadowy law enforcement figures. Powerful AI will support the constantly changing atmosphere of the streets and enable players to feel the live pulse of the Megapolis.

CrimeCraft, a massively multiplayer third-person shooter, role-playing game is a unique forerunner into a genre dominated by fantasy and sci-fi themes as it transports gamers into a lawless city filled with gangs, crime and street-style justice.

Winning in CrimeCraft takes more than guts and guns. In CrimeCraft, player success comes from being prepared and choosing a specific set of skills, then developing those skills to the point where mastery turns you into an unstoppable force of destruction.

There are approximately 40 different skills your character can specialize in. Each of these skills can be combined in thousands of combinations as you advance your character from starting newcomer to gang kingpin. CrimeCraft takes the character advancement of an RPG and blends it into the explosive action of a shooter.


What makes Clubs special? Each Club can be unique with four themes as the base and a ton of customization options ranging from furniture to vendors to strippers. That’s right, strippers!

Clubs can be purchased for Gold Bars by a gang leader and opened up as a separate area attached to the gang hideout. The gang leader can make the Club closed so only gang members can get in, or open, so anyone can join the party. A gang has to be level four to have a Club and the purchase is made through the Secretary in the gang hideout. Once purchased, the gang leader or anyone in the gang with the right permissions can use the Club Manager inside the Club to customize the Club look and the party setup.

The four themes are Underground, High Tech, Classic and Modern. Underground clubs are the least expensive with Classic clubs the costliest. Customization options include rare clothes, boosts and weapon vendors, furniture items such as tables and chairs, sofas, armchairs and more where players can sit and hang out and pole dancing girls. These customization options are sold for Gold Bars. The Club can also have a bar with a Gold Bar vendor who sells specialized boosts that increase XP gain or loot chances.

Once the gang leader is satisfied with the look of his club, it’s time to get the party started! To start the party, the gang leader chooses Open or Closed. If the party is Open, the gang leader can set a ticket price. This admission price, charged in in-game cash, is deposited in the gang bank whenever anyone pays to get into the party.

In addition to the rare item vendors, the Bartender, social areas and dancing girls, there’s one more feature coming in Clubs that will get everyone talking: The VIP Room. In this private room, accessible through the VIP Porter/Bouncer on the dance floor, partiers get a one-on-one dance with a random girl or one they design themselves. Players are charged in Gold Bars to visit the VIP Room.

Clubs are rented for a one-month period, after which they can be renewed at the gang leader’s option.


Weekly Tournaments are an expansion on the daily tournaments currently in game. The Weekly Tournament will be played on Sundays at 6 p.m. server time and all players who want to take part will be required to have a Ticket. Tickets can be won by placing first in any Daily Tournament or purchased for 2500 in-game cash from new vendors, Ivan Petroff in Downtown, Anna Coolagina in Oceanside and Dan Strick in Midtown.

Weekly Tournaments run in a format identical to the Daily Tournaments, but the prizes get a nice little bump up with first place getting 10,000 in in-game cash, rare set items and an in-game title.

Just to run it down, four-player teams will compete in Shootout matches on three maps, Olympia Mill & Lumberyard, Isopach Oil and Othello Sky Bridge. Warm ups are 1 minute with each match lasting 10 minutes. If the two teams are tied after 10 minutes, the match will go into a Sudden Death phase. This 2-minute period will continue until one team is eliminated or time runs out. If time runs out, the team with the most players still alive wins. If both teams have the same number of live players, the team that scores the last kill wins. If neither team scores a kill, both teams are eliminated from the tournament.

Capture the Zone

This new game mode is playable on Delosville. It’s similar to a king of the hill game, but there are three large zones that must be captured and defended.

This mode is for up to 32 players. Capturing a zone takes 2 minutes for a single player, with each additional player in the zone reducing that time by 20 percent. To capture a zone, no enemies can be inside. Once captured, the zone scores 5 points for the team every 10 seconds. These points accrue until the zone is captured by the enemy.


In a direct challenge, a gang leader can select a rival gang from the eligible gangs list to challenge. The rival gang leader can accept the challenge, and then the two work to select the game mode and map. If the gang leaders can’t agree, the mode and map will be randomly selected from the options they selected. In the same window, each gang leader places a wager from their gang bank on the match. The winning team gets the wagers deposited in their gang bank at the end of the match.

Open offers are listed on the Gang Wars Manager. A gang leader can inspect the available open offers, choose his team of five gang members and accept an offer or set up an offer of his own. To set up an offer, a gang leader selects the game mode, map, required amount of money to bid and the number of times the offer will be relisted after a battle ends. Open offers start automatically once a rival gang accepts and the offer re-posts upon completion until the relist parameter is reached.

Key Features :

  • Crime – Perform various “tasks” and “jobs” for money and experience which can be used to help you gain a reputation, learn new trade skills and perform new abilities in battle.
  • Craft - Use the loot gained from battle to create your own weapons, clothing and performance boosts.
  • Unreal Technology - Explore the vast world of Sunrise City beautifully rendered by the powerful Unreal Engine 3.
  • Intense TPS Action – Battle other players or AI enemies with a wide range of weapons, explosives, abilities, and enhancements at your disposal.
  • Deep RPG Gameplay – Over 40 skills to specialize in as your character progresses over 50 levels of advancement.
  • Personalize - Amazing depth in the variety of clothes, weapons, items, and skills available to distinguish your character and your crew from the masses playing online.
  • Team Up - Form virtual gangs to build a reputation, assign rankings, pool money and goods, and buy gang hideouts.
  • Underground Economy - Control the quality and cost of manufactured items that you create, modify, or repair. Then sell, trade, or auction them to other players on the open black market.

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