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World Supremacy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Shrapnel Games
Developer: Malfador Machinations
Release Date: 2010

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'World Supremacy' Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 31, 2010 @ 12:00 a.m. PDT

World Supremacy is a Windows beer-and-pretzels strategy game of contemporary conflict for one to eight players. In World Supremacy players have but one goal: total global control through utter annihilation of all who oppose.

Control is derived from conquest and the tools of conquest are many; land, air, and sea. And when you care enough to send the very best you can even say hello to your foes with a well placed nuke or two.

In World Supremacy the game world is created fresh for each game with players choosing a variety of settings to tailor their experience. While this means that initially one cannot fight over already familiar territory mod makers will be pleased to learn that any type of map can be created. Want to fight over the real world? Middle Earth? The world of the Destroymen series? Create and conquer.

The weapons of war are instantly recognizable, from modern armor to jet fighters to hunter/killer submarines. Each type of unit can be upgraded up to three levels through a streamlined research process. Even nuclear and neutron weapons can be found in World Supremacy. Battles are fought on a fast playing tactical map, allowing players to flex more than just their strategic muscles. Combat is a do-or-die proposition. Once you attack only one side will be left standing so be sure to bring enough hardware to the fight.

Coming from the developer of the Space Empires series, which was well known for its mod friendliness, gamers will find that World Supremacy is open to mod making. Combined with the random set up of games and the ability to have up to eight players at once ensures that World Supremacy will be a highly replayable game.

Fans of classic light strategy titles will find a lot to like in World Supremacy. Mechanics are easy to grasp and a wide variety of strategies can be applied. Fighting tactically means that it's not enough to bring a whole stack to the fight, knowing how to use that stack will be the key to victory.

Key Features:

  • Turn based IGOUGO light strategy game of global conquest.
  • Randomly created (can also be user created through mods) area-based maps.
  • One to eight players. Multiplayer supported through hot seat or TCP/IP connections.
  • Some variables the players can set before a game: allow neutral nations, fog of war, starting technology level, starting nation size, starting money, and more.
  • Thirteen land unit types, eight air unit types, and seven sea unit types. Each has three possible levels of improvement.
  • Economy is based on the base value of a territory and city control. Cities can be destroyed and players may also build new cities.
  • Combat takes place on a tactical map. Although combat occurs tactically in keeping with the overall spirit of the game it plays fast.
  • Nuke'em 'til they glow! Players can build territory spoiling nuclear weapons and infantry killing neutron bombs.
  • Neutral nations can exist. While they will not expand they will actively seek to defend their territory.
  • Mod friendly. Some aspects of the game are hard coded but many elements, such as maps and unit values, can be easily modified and shared amongst users.
  • From the creator of the highly acclaimed Space Empires series. Conquering the world is just as addictive as conquering the universe.

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