TNT Racers

Platform(s): PSP, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Genre: Racing
Publisher: dtp entertainment
Developer: Keen Games
Release Date: Feb. 9, 2011

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'TNT Racers' (ALL) Facts & Features - New Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 17, 2011 @ 12:50 p.m. PST

TNT Racers is a high-octane racer with 8 action-packed courses, for up to 4 simultaneous players (online or offline), where winning requires much more than just being the best driver. The decisive factor is being the best racer - you must collect the pickups and cleverly use the powerful weapons to catapult your opponents off the track!

TNT Racers is a brand new, great value, high-octane party racing game that features 18 action-packed courses, allowing up to 4 simultaneous players (online or offline) to battle it out for racing honours. Winning the game is more than being the best driver, its about being the best racer as the player must collect pickup weapons such as Space Rockets, Confetti Mines and Candy Cannons and cleverly deploy them to catapult opponents off the track.

If a racer gets thrown off the track, they come back as a Shadow Racer. This unique feature ensures that all players can continuously participate in the race. A Shadow Racer can take revenge on the remaining racers and throw them from the race as well.

The game offers three different single player modes, 45 challenges in three different speed classes, time trials, and customisable races where the player can decide the victory requirements, and place pick-ups on the track.

The key feature of TNT Racers is the multiplayer mode, as players can compete with friends both online and offline, or battle against the rest of the world in online mode. In multiplayer mode the player can select from the same options that are available in the single player game, whether in single races or tournaments, in free games or ranked matches.

TNT Racers promises fast and exciting racing action for all the family as the game is accessible and easy to pick-up. Online racers will be especially pleased because the game supports platform-specific world rankings, and so offers a long-term challenge to the dedicated racer.

TNT Racers rewards players who master the game with free game content, such as new cars, new tracks and achievements.





Key Features

  • The Cars: There are eight cool car designs to choose from. Each car has the same direct and simple handling and performance level. However the handling does vary with each car class.
  • Car Classes: There are three different Car Classes: Normal, Fast, Super Fast.
  • Pick-Ups: Pick-ups are cartoonish weapons that enable players to jam the other racers by shooting Space Rockets, dropping Confetti Mines, firing Candy Cannons or becoming a Monster Car and bouncing them off the track.
  • Handling Variables: There are four handling variables affecting the car’s performance: Acceleration, Top Speed, Grip, Grip Force (Gravity).
  • Race Conditions: All race tracks have the same two surfaces: On-Road and Off-Road. On-Road handling is the same on all surfaces (sand, mud, asphalt). Off-Road surface decreases the top speed by 25%.
  • Weather Conditions: There are weather effects such as rain, snow and sandstorms that make the On-Road handling more slippery and challenging when activated, challenging racers to adapt to the conditions.
  • Shadow Racing: If a racer gets thrown off the track, they come back as a Shadow Racer where the player can continue improving their driving skill and continue racing, making the life of the remaining cars even harder by triggering earthquakes and star twisters.
  • Kick-Start: A player can gain a race advantage from the start if they manage a kick-start – by pressing the acceleration button the same time as the ‘one’ on the countdown clock appears, boosting acceleration by 50% until maximum speed is reached. The player also earns points for a kick-start.
  • Health Points: Each vehicle has 100 health points at the start of each race, and these are subtracted when a car is hit by an object. If a car reaches zero heath points it will explode and the player is out of the race.  When a race is restarted all cars will start with 100 health points.
  • How to score Points: Points can be scored in a number of different ways; damaging an opponents car, using a pick-up, jumping off a ramp, finishing race position, performing a kick-start and playing as a shadow racer.
  • Winning: The winner is the racer who creates the most action, damages the most cars, picks up the most points, and finishes the most laps first. It is most likely to be the last car left on the track.

TNT Racers will be available on the Xbox Live  (£7.99), PlayStation Network (£7.99) and PSP (£6.29) and WiiWare (£7.99).

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