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Pirate Blast

Platform(s): Wii
Genre: Action
Publisher: Zoo Entertainment
Developer: Zoo Entertainment
Release Date: February 2011

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'Pirate Blast' (Wii) Announced - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 19, 2011 @ 5:04 p.m. PST

A new shooter adventure game, Pirate Blast is a treasure chest full of swashbuckling quests suitable for gamers of all ages.

In Pirate Blast, players must defeat Captain Greasebeard and his evil robotic Henchbots who are determined to take over Vile Isle amusement park. To avoid walking the plank, players must destroy as many of the Captain’s Henchbots and defeat Greasebeard in time for the park’s grand opening.

The game features eight chapters based in various environments, including a village, jungle, pirate cove and pirate ships. Each chapter features new villains to defeat as players work their way towards the final battle against Greasebeard. Along the way, players can discover bonus rooms and collect booty stolen by the pirates, such as health kits and special keys to replenish health. The special edition blaster bundle brings even more excitement to battles against Greasebeard and his Henchbots as players target their enemies with rapid-fire precision.

Pirate Blast delivers the action-packed adventure and ruthless villainy that pirates are known for in a humorous storyline that’s appropriate for all ages,” said Mark Seremet, Zoo Games CEO. “When paired with the Blaster peripheral, Pirate Blast offers an even more unique and accessible shooter game experience.”

Key Features
  • Buccaneer Battles: Fight against eight different enemy types as you work your way towards the final boss battle against Greasebeard.
  • Amusing Environments: Journey across a variety of entertaining scenes that include villages, jungles, secret pirate coves and pirate ships.
  • Discover & Collect Pirate Booty:  Explore through various terrains to discover bonus rooms and collect booty such as first aid kits and special keys to aid you in your quest.
  • Blaster Peripheral: In addition to the standalone title, Pirate Blast will also be available bundled with an innovative blaster peripheral that when paired with a Wii remote, provides a challenging shooting adventure.

Pirate Blast, rated E for Everyone, will be available for $19.99, while the special edition bundle with blaster peripheral will retail for $29.99.

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