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'Combat Mission: Shock Force' - v1.32 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 13, 2011 @ 9:03 a.m. PDT

Combat Mission: Shock Force is a tactical military simulation depicting a hypothetical near future conflict between NATO and Syrian forces in Syria.

Get the Combat Mission: Shock Force v1.32 Patch off WP (20mb)

This information is for the v1.32 patch of Combat Mission Shock Force. This patch is "incremental" and requires v1.31 version of the game. You need to first patch the game up to v1.31.

Unlike previous patches, the same patch will work for you regardless if you have no modules, one module, or all modules installed, as long as the following applies to you:


The 1.32 patch needs to be installed into the directory containing CMSF 1.31 currently. Make sure to doublecheck of the right path is selected during the installation!

During installation, this patch will allow you to select which components of the game you would like to patch. Multiple choices are allowed, and you have to choose ALL the game components that you have currently installed for the patch to work correctly. The choices include:

  • CMSF (you select this if you have just the base game and no modules installed)
  • Marines Module (you select this if you have the Marines module)
  • BritishForces Module (you s elect this if you have the British Forces module)
  • NATO Module (you select this if you have the NATO module)
Example: if you have CMSF and all three modules, you would make sure that all four options are CHECKED.

Example Two: if you have CMSF and only the NATO module, and no other modules, you would make sure that the options for CMSF and NATO are CHECKED, and the options for Marines and British Forces are UNCHECKED

If you make a mistake, simply re-run the patch and make sure to select the right components to update. 

Save games from v1.31 ARE COMPATIBLE with v1.32, provided that you save your turn-based games in the COMMAND phase (not the replay phase) before upgrading to v1.32.

Due to the potential of conflicts with pre v1.32 game Mods, we advise uninstalling any mods prior to installing this Game patch.

Battlefront.com v1.32 patch

WARNING! The following patch is for you if

  • you own Combat Mission Shock Force and have a running version updated to v1.31
    It does not matter where you purchased the game, or if you have any Modules installed or not. If you are playing CMSF v1.31 now, with or without any one of the modules or all of them, then you can install this patch.

This patch will update your core CMSF game and all modules to v1.32, which includes many enhancements and improvements. Below is a brief list of some of the new v1.32 game features.

  • TO&E corrections.
  • Computer player is a bit more aggressive in moving on the attack.
  • Squads split into specialized teams and reallocate their grenades more intelligently.
  • In a campiagn, vehicles with decimated crews that don't refit won't be brought to the next battle with that decimated crew only to be immediately considered knocked out as a result.
  • In a campaign, heavy weapons teams will receive a new heavy weapon (if the previous one was lost) even if the force as a whole does not refit.
  • Camera movement and zooming keys are smoother.
  • Corrected a problem that gave too much much protection to soldiers on rooftops against airbursts.
  • Explosive power of minefields is toned down.
  • Marder IFVs carry a panzerfaust for passenger use.
  • In hotseat games, the arrival of reinforcements does not occur until after the next player has entered his password.
  • Assault moves work better.
  • Flashes of light, at night, look better.
  • Numerous small fixes.
  • Various stability improvements.
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