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Fallen Earth

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Icarus Studios (EU), GamersFirst (US)
Developer: Icarus Studios

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'Fallen Earth' Content Update Adds End-Game, New Zone, Items And More

by Rainier on July 6, 2011 @ 10:17 a.m. PDT

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game that mixes FPS style with traditional RPG mechanics, where six factions are struggling to emerge from the collapse of civilization brought on by viruses and environmental disaster.

Fallen Earth is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game that mixes first person shooter and role playing game style mechanics. The game is set in 2156, one hundred years after the world is brought low by a plague known as Shiva that killed 99% of the population. The game takes place in and around the Grand Canyon, one of the few habitable places left on Earth, which makes it a place many are willing to kill to control. Our world is one where mankind teeters on the edge of extinction, clinging to the bones of the old world while trying to recover their lost secrets. It's a world of scavengers and desperation. The players are those who choose to rise above the hardships of this new world and work towards a better world, or decide the old world was corrupt and all signs of it must be erased completely.

The core functionality players expect from an MMO, such as raids, clans, auction house, and a mail system, are now up and running in Fallen Earth. Players can combine their efforts in raids of up to four groups or thirty-two players, allowing them to tackle larger threats and compete more effectively in PvP activities. Clans allow players to form large social groups with a number of different ranks, each with its own configurable name and permission list. The auction house system allows players to sell goods to each other with ease, and to search the auction house for items needed for a specific recipe. The mail system enables players to easily stay in contact and trade goods among themselves through the vigilant efforts the Franklin's Riders, the postal service within Fallen Earth.

A new expansion pack for GamersFirst's post -apocalyptic action MMO Fallen Earth, Alpha County, is now available and free to current and future game subscribers. The new game content will further explore the game universe though five levels of new missions, new crafted items and equipment, improved combat balance, six new Skill Lines, player-versus-player (PvP) objectives, improved mutation abilities and player-controlled Progress Towns.

 “For as long as anyone in the world of Fallen Earth can remember, Alpha County has been quarantined from the rest of the game universe… until now,” said Marie “Aro Sei” Croall, Fallen Earth lead designer for Reloaded Productions. “The New Alpha County expansion will empower end-game Fallen Earth wastelanders with new missions, intense PvP and a whole new zone to explore.”

New Zone, New Objectives

The Grainway was home to some of GlobalTech’s most radical experiments in bio-engineered crops, designed to grow faster, heartier and live longer than average produce, with the hope to effectively end world hunger. That is, until the Shiva virus hit, mutating the super plants into something horrific, aggressive and very hungry. After a failed attempt to settle Alpha County after the fall, the Wall was built in a desperate attempt to keep the mutation from spreading to Kaibab. A decade later, the clones have found a way to breach the wall in the search for new exploitable resources. Are you ready for the challenge that is Alpha County?

With over 75 square miles of area to explores, Alpha County extends the player level cap to 55 and provides new missions, exotic recipes, craft able gear, two completely new town events and a new conflict town, Blockade. In Blockade, players can fight for control of rare resources as well as the crucial southern access road. Alpha County will feature a new ecology, more dangerous critters and mysterious buildings to punctuate the tragedy and horror found behind the Wall.

New Armor, Weapons and Tools for the Wastelands

With a new zone and new challenges comes new and rediscovered technology. Alpha County is giving crafters, science enthusiasts and other enterprising entrepreneurs all new toys to create and sell. New beatsticks, guns and tailor-colored Hexweave and Mesoprene armored suits are now available for discovery, creation and sale. The new weapons will keep within the theme of the new sector, pulling heavily from Alpha County’s feral plant life, newly found technology and colors that match the isolated wasteland. And for the player that needs both speed and offensive capability in their transportation, crafters have finally perfected mounting a machinegun platform onto the popular Interceptor vehicle, creating the new Security Model.

Improved Combat Balance and Skill Lines

Getting by in the hostile wastelands requires flexibility, and with the introduction of Alpha County, player skill and mutation lines have been further diversified. The new system allows for wider varieties of player builds and roles in combat. To further balance gameplay, skills no longer increase automatically with base statistics, so player teams no longer get each other's best abilities without some specialized investment. Alpha County also introduces a raise in Advancement Points given per level as well as the Advancement Point cap to compensate for the additional cost of skills.

Along with the new level cap and Advancement Point additions, players will now have access to six new Skill Lines: Power, Precision, Heavy Weapons, Dirty Tricks, Illumination and Escape Artist. The newly implemented Power and Precision Skill Lines complement the popular combat-heavy characters, providing a few activated abilities as well as base increases to damage and critical hit chance. Heavy Weapons lets clones use the big area of effect guns, like rocket and grenade launchers, now available in Alpha County. Dirty Tricks lets gamers debuf and trap or snare foes, making them easy targets. Illumination provides a way to power teammates’ skills and mutations through increased stamina and gamma regeneration rates. And for the combat aficionado, Escape Artist offers a player short duration buffs to resist or remove offensive actions used by other players and NPCs, as well as increased radar stealth when stalking prey.

New scavengers will also benefit from the opening of Alpha County, as now all players will start with 30 Advancement Points at creation, and all of the mutation lines unlocked. Players can raise skills and mutations based on play style as they progress though the game. The days of holding Advancement Points in reserve, waiting for the early mutations lines are over. And since it can be rough starting out not knowing what everything does, Alpha County also introduces training abilities to showcase certain skill and mutation lines.

Progress Towns

As wastelanders head over the Wall into Alpha County, new opportunities rise up at home in the form of Progress Towns. These PvP-specific player-controlled towns are there for the taking, allowing controlling players to craft buildings and defenses, creating a different look depending on who controls the town, be they guard bunkers, growing poisonous plants, or mine fields. Paramount to success will be player cooperation and the use of player-created defenses to repel faction invasions.

“The player community for Fallen Earth has been instrumental in helping us create an end-game zone that will both engage our hard-core players and inspire new players to level so they can get their piece of Alpha County,” said Joseph Willmon, associate game director for GamersFirst. “Marie and her team have outdone themselves with the overall craft and polish in Alpha County, and we are excited to see how the player community reacts to their hard work.”


  • First Person Shooter/Role Playing Game Hybrid: Engage in intense FPS combat with the depth and customization of RPG character advancement
  • Classless Advancement: Utilize the robust skill-based system to build characters with multiple stats, skills, mutation paths, tradeskills and factions
  • Massive Real-Time Crafting System: 95 percent of the in-game items—vehicles, consumables, weapons, armor and more—can be made by the players as they scavenge and harvest
  • Unique Faction Systems: Ally with or rally against six factions to determine how the post-apocalyptic world is rebuilt
  • Multiple Game Play Modes: Experience multiple types of game play including crafting, exploration, vehicle combat and scavenging in both solo and group play
  • Tactical Player vs. Player: Battle in one of the open PvP zones or wage war with the factions to claim control of a town
  • Vast Explorable World: Put survival instincts to the test while experiencing 70 towns with more than 5,500 missions spread over 1,000 square kilometers of zoneless territory

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