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PureSim Baseball 4

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Wolverine Studios
Release Date: March 22, 2011

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'PureSim Baseball 4' v1.12 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Aug. 10, 2011 @ 1:56 p.m. PDT

PureSim 4 allows players to replay any season in history right up to and including playing out the 2011 season. No other baseball game can match the statistical accuracy or historical features such as “Tru-Life Transactions Mode” which allows you to play seasons from 1920-2010 with transactions happening exactly as they occurred in that season!

Get the PureSim Baseball 4 v1.12 Patch off WP (220mb)

  • New - Actual Starting Line Ups - will now use "As Played" schedules per RetroSheet Game Log data going back to 1920.
  • New - Added: WAR, wOBA and RAA to Sabermetric Stats on Player Card. (wOBA = Weighted On-Base Average, RAA = Runs Above Average).
  • New - "Add Custom Manager" feature added to "Options and Utilities" screen.
  • New - Added: Ability to create custom managers in an association. Go to Options & Utilities|More Association Options|Custom Mgrs. Enter a first and last name and click Add. To then import custom manager, go to team page and click Mgr Tendencies|Import. Custom managers will stick to the team you assign them too and never be replaced.
  • New - Added: Sabermetric Stats to the Player Card.
  • New - Added: New look pre-game lineup screen with more info for Starting Pitchers and Quick Team Info.
    New - Player of the Game (schedule page after completion of game).
  • New - PSPN Player of the Month (first publication in May thru October).
  • New - Game Attendance on schedule page (after completion of the game). In ASLU mode, this data is taken from the retroSheet Game Log data.
  • New - Team Home Attendance on Front Office page (upper right).
  • New - Association Attendance figures (Stats & Reports|Misc Reports). NOTE: If you are using an existing association, you *may* see a games highest attendance exceed the reported Stadium Capacity. This will be rectified when you begin a new season.
  • New - PSPN Hitting Streak article now shows record holder player name, value of record, and year record was set. This will show ONCE someone sets the record of 10 or more.
  • New - Actual Starting Line Ups (Starting Pitchers) - Completely new method of implementing Starting Pitchers. This will require starting a new assn.
  • New - New option under Options->Assn Options that allows TRU-Life Transaction mode associations to toggle support for "Actual Starting Lineups".
  • Tweak - Minor tweaks to engine with pitchers batting.
  • Tweak - Minor increase to increase offense ever-so-slightly for real player assns.
  • Tweak(s) - Final updates to ASLU relief pitcher usage addresses all major shortcomings. Overall bullpen usage looks excellent given the constraints. Note: Pitchers are now penalized a little more endurance-wise if they start tracking too high on usage. This way a human can't exploit the fact that the AI is doing it's best to respect usage of specific pitchers in ASLU associations.
  • Tweak(s) - Multiple new improvements to relief pitcher usage when using Actual Starting Lineups. The AI does a better job of not using spot starter/starter types in relief appearances.
  • Tweak(s) - Many improvements to players' speed ratings over time, with resulting more realistic steal numbers over a player's career.
  • Tweak(s) - Implemented seasonal pitcher endurance re-evaluation tweak to all real player association configurations. Pitchers roles and endurance will track more closely to their real life trajectories, regardless of assn configuration.
  • Tweak(s) - Minor league stats had become inflated offensively in recent builds. They should now be within acceptable range.
  • Tweak(s) - More minor tweaks to major league offensive stat levels with real players.
  • Tweak(s) - Multiple tweaks to AI PH for pitcher logic. In some cases in the 60's - 80's workhorse starters were being taken out an inning or two earlier than was typical for the time period. Additionally, more influence has been added regarding considering how strong/weak the available bullpen is as well.
  • Tweak - Transaction Mode - If a player missed a season IRL, he will be dropped from the team roster and placed in the FA pool until the season he returned IRL. For tracking purposes, this will be shown as a Release with a date of 3/1/xxxx.
  • Tweak(s) - Multiple tweaks to annual pitcher endurance modeling when playing in TRU-Life Strict mode, or with Actual Starting Lineups.
  • Tweak - Added confirmation dialog to the "save as HTML" functions on the game log and box score screens.
  • Tweak - When playing in TRU-Life transaction mode, injuries default to off at association creation time.
  • Tweak - Injuries are now disabled if playing with Actual Starting Lineups (The option is disabled at creation time, and any existing associations using ASLU will have injuries disabled when they are opened with the latest version of the game).
  • Tweak - Updated manual to be current with 1.1x changes and new features.
  • Tweak - Re-designed the association size/config selection screen based on a nice mock up by "Minutia Man" from the Wolverine message boards.
  • Tweak - Minor rendering engine tweaks detecting the presence of IE9 on user's system. Certain animations were too fast in that case (in particular the "Due Up" window that slides from left to right on to the screen between innings.)
  • Fix - TRU-Life Strict Seasonal mode was using more than a one year window when re-assigning player defensive positions each season. Strict will now ONLY look at what positions the player played in that season specifically (non-stric will still sue a 3 year moving window).
  • Fix - "As played" schedules with ASLU issue with double headers - the second game of a Sunday doubleheader was sometimes skipped.
  • Fix - Error when importing real schedule non-US English versions of Windows (German version for example).
  • Fix - Screen partially rendered when on the "Association is ready for the draft" phase at initial association creation in a fictional association.
  • Fix - *Very* rare "No current record" error when doing All Star selections causing game to either skip doing the selections, or crash to desktop.
  • Fix - Issues with player card not updating properly when next/prev buttons were clicked.
  • Fix - Rare crash when simming if a game ended on a double play.
  • Fix - Found and fixed the elusive equation error that plagued the first version of the WAR stat. Hint: I really dislike parenthesis in formulas.
  • Fix - ASLU Mode - Lockup in off-season processing during the War Years when PS was attempting to build Lineups.
  • Fix - Jim Konstanty in TransDB now joins Phillies in '48.
  • Fix - Small color/pixel artifacts or red lines appearing on some in-game windows (especially when a team's main color was white).
  • Fix - Fixed failed Double Play typo in PBP.
  • Fix - Tru-Life Strict development engine & ASLU - When a starting pitcher was not imported because he did not meet the threshold requirement, Puresim would crash at beginning of season as the "As Played" schedule was being created and the starting pitcher in question was missing from the assn. (No Current Record Error).
  • Fix - ASLU Mode - If a pitcher was scheduled to be the starter but he was on the DL Puresim would crash at game time. (Assertion Failed error).
  • Fix - Players will no longer have same Primary & Secondary position (beginning with your next season for existing assn's).
  • Fix - Astronomically high number of CS for associations currently in year 2010 or higher.
  • Fix - Actual starting lineups for inter league play was causing a RTE/crash.
  • Fix - Extremely rare "Error 91/Invalid use of null" error when simming and a trade is taking place.

Developer Shaun Sullivan has taken his critically acclaimed baseball game to new heights this season with over 230 new features and tweaks making PureSim Baseball 4 the most realistic and accurate simulation of both historical and present day baseball on the market today.

And best of all you don’t need to purchase a single season disk – every season is included with the full version of the game and an extensive online and desktop manual makes learning the game a breeze for anyone new to the franchise.

PureSim Baseball 4 can be purchased exclusively from Wolverine Studios for only $29.95.

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