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Atari Flashback 3 Retro Gaming Console Bundles 60 Classics

by Rainier on Sept. 5, 2011 @ 11:01 a.m. PDT

AtGames Digital Media Ltd. is launching the Atari-licensed Atari Flashback 3 console in Europe and Australia, recreating the original video gaming experience of the widely appealing video game console from the 1980’s.

With titles such as Asteroids, Missile Command, Centipede, Yars’ Revenge and 56 others, there are hours and hours of the purest video gaming entertainment for the whole family. 

For anyone who had an Atari 2600 back in the 1980’s, the Flashback 3 really is a “flashback” to an era when video gaming first had mass appeal.  But if you haven’t had the experience of the original Atari, then the Flashback 3 takes you right back to the heart of the eighties. 

With styling based on the original Atari 2600, the Flashback 3 is complete with two retro joysticks, also based on the original Atari designs.  This retro experience allows you to go back in time so you can experience how it all started, and why retro gamers still say that the Atari games are as playable now as they were then.  The Atari Flashback 3 is an easy to use plug and play device that you use with your TV that provides an affordable piece of video gaming nostalgia suitable for the whole family.

“Atari games are known around the world and we are pleased to partner with AtGames to re-launch our best selling Flashback series of classic games for a whole new generation of consumers worldwide”, says Lee Jacobson, SVP of Licensing at Atari Inc.

“Atari is one of the legendary brands in the world that goes beyond borders and time. We are delighted to be Atari’s partner for bringing the Atari Flashback 3 to the worldwide audience”, says Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung, CEO of AtGames Digital Media Ltd.

“We are pleased to be working with AtGames to launch the Atari Flashback 3 in Europe and Australia, as it meets much of the nostalgic demand of retro gamers, and is suitable for the whole family”, says Jason Cooper, Chairman of Blaze Europe Ltd.

Blaze Europe will be AtGames’ designated distributor exclusively for UK, Australia, and selected EU countries. The Atari Flashback 3 will be available in October 2011 in all good video games stores for the low price of £49.99.


  • Design based on original Atari 2600
  • Two retro joysticks based on original Atari controllers
  • 60 built-in games
  • Plug and Play into your TV
  • Classic limited edition Atari poster included

Games List:

  1. 3D Tic-Tac-Toe 
  2. Adventure 
  3. Adventure II 
  4. Air•Sea Battle 
  5. Aquaventure 
  6. Asteroids 
  7. Backgammon 
  8. Basketball 
  9. Battle Zone
  10. Bowling 
  11. Canyon Bomber
  12. Centipede
  13. Championship Soccer 
  14. Circus Atari
  15. Combat
  16. Combat Two
  17. Demons to Diamonds
  18. Desert Falcon
  19. Dodge’ Em 
  20. Double Dunk
  21. Fatal Run 
  22. Flag Capture
  23. Frog Pond
  24. Fun with Numbers
  25. Golf
  26. Gravitar 
  27. Hangman
  28. Haunted House
  29. Home Run
  30. Human Cannonball
  31. Maze Craze
  32. Miniature Golf
  33. Missile Command
  34. Night Driver
  35. Off the Wall
  36. Outlaw
  37. Realsports Baseball
  38. Realsports Basketball
  39. Realsports Soccer
  40. Realsports Volleyball
  41. Swordquest: Earthworld
  42. Super Baseball
  43. Saboteur
  44. Save Mary
  45. Secret Quest
  46. Sky Diver
  47. Space War
  48. Sprintmaster 
  49. Star Ship
  50. Steeplechase
  51. Submarine Commander
  52. Super Breakout
  53. Super Football
  54. Surround
  55. Swordquest: Fireworld 
  56. Video Checkers
  57. Video Chess
  58. Video Pinball
  59. Wizard
  60. Yars' Revenge
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