Platform(s): WiiU
Genre: Casual
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
Release Date: Nov. 18, 2012 (US), Nov. 30, 2012 (EU)

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After spending several years doing QA for games, I took the next logical step: critiquing them. Even though the Xbox One is my preferred weapon of choice, I'll play and review just about any game from any genre on any system.


Wii U Review - 'Tank! Tank! Tank!'

by Brian Dumlao on Dec. 1, 2012 @ 3:00 a.m. PST

TANK! TANK! TANK! is an over-the-top battle party game where players feel the thrill of driving and shooting with tanks. With support for up to four players, family and friends can battle giant monsters or compete in Free-for-All and Team Versus modes.
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