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Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Genre: Racing
Publisher: SCEE (EU), SCEA (US)
Developer: Evolution Studios
Release Date: Oct. 8, 2014

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'DriveClub' (PS4) Needs More Polishing, Delayed Until 2014

by Rainier on Oct. 18, 2013 @ 1:40 p.m. PDT

DriveClub combines the best cars, on the most breathtaking roads in the world, with gameplay that is focused on team-based racing.

DriveClub combines nearly 15 years of racing game pedigree and a rapidly evolving, connected gaming landscape – this seed of an idea was ready to be realized and the buzz at Evolution Studios was unstoppable.

For DriveClub, Evolution Studios expanded its vehicle handling and design team so that together the development team have over 50 years’ experience working on the most prestigious racing titles out there, including – WRC, Formula 1, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm, WipEout, Project Gotham Racing, GRID 2 and many more.

SCE Worldwide Studios and developer Evolution Studios have announced that they are delaying the release of DriveClub and DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition until early 2014 because the DriveClub development team requires more time in order to deliver on their vision, meaning the visuals and overall experience are only going to get better.

This decision also affects PlayStation Plus members’ Instant Game Collection for launch. To be clear, DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will still be part of the Instant Game Collection when it is released.

For the PS4 launch, in addition to Resogun, SCE announced that Contrast will also be available to PlayStation Plus members for free as part of Instant Game Collection. If you’re not aware of Contrast, it will whisk you away to a surreal vaudevillian, film-noir inspired reality full of performance, intrigue, shadow-play and drama.

SCE are also offering members access to an exclusive “Open Weekend” trial of Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer on December 28-29.

"We understand that the delay is disappointing news, but can assure you that the reason we have made this decision is to ensure that when DRIVECLUB launches, it will realize the next-gen racing vision."

Evolution Studios used its PlayStation Vita launch game as a bridge between MotorStorm and Driveclub, testing theories about connecting social networks with asynchronous challenge-based racing on multiple devices at the same time.

The developers collaborated with the best car companies in the world, working with them to create the most detailed and authentic car interiors and exteriors possible. The result is staggeringly immersive and visceral. This isn’t cockpit view; this is first-person-racing.

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