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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Developer: StarworksArt Studio
Release Date: 2015

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'Universum: War Front' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 7, 2013 @ 6:07 p.m. PDT

Warshift is an indie experimental project where Action, RTS and RPG gameplay elements are combined in one space epic.

This is a story about our possible future, and what could happen after the beginning of space expansion and after the first contact with aliens. We look forward and ask a question: "What would happen if mankind lost Earth and will they be able to capture their home planet back?" This game is about choosing a path for human evolution.

In 2050 the global crisis of low resources became an issue to an overpopulated Earth. Genetic modifications and implantation entered into the life of humanity. The need for colonization and resource extraction on distant planets became apparent to the United Government of Earth - "Terran Republics Aliance" (TRA).  When the world's largest resource-processing corporation TerraKorp launched a planets-colonization project called "Universum" many volunteers and adventurers rushed to the most remote parts of the galaxy in search of the resource-rich planets.

By 2075, most of the human population lived outside of Earth on distant planets, the government has difficulty controlling their colonies. Most of the colonial planets began insurrections and territorial wars. The worst came when humanity first faced the greatest horror in the universe..

Unknown till now alien civilization started to conquer terran planets one by one. People must unite in the fight against the enemy, but instead separatists and large corporations took advantage of the protracted conflict for their own purposes. This lasted until the humans lost most of their colonies, and there was a threat of destruction of the planet Earth. Most of Earth's citizens have been evacuated to nearby planets. Homeplanet was preparing a devastating invasion. Humans realized that they must unite in order to survive or they will disappear..

StarworksArt Studio has launched a kickstarter campaign to fund development of Universum: War Front with an initial goal of $20,000, all the way to $500,000 strech goals for additional content.

Build your base, grow a huge army, send your troops into the enemy camp, and then come down, control your character directly and keep the enemy at gunpoint in dynamic battles!

Lead your heroes thru the fascinating storyline of the game. Take part in all the most significant battles in the universe. Try Action, RTS and MOBA RPG gameplays in different missions.

There are two or more opposing teams whose goal collectively is to destroy their enemy's base to win. There is one main structure which must be destroyed to win, but destroying other structures within the opposing team's base may confer other benefits. Defensive structures and troops try to prevent this. There's also a lot of neutral units structures and hazards affecting the gameplay. A player controls a powerful in-game units generally called a Heroes.  Heroes will grow, constantly gathering experience, money and moving through the ranks, getting access to new abilities, weapons and other items. Gaining a victory over the enemy, you will be able to get new heroes and upgrade your army by different bonuses.

Keep the enemy at gunpoint like in Battlefield or Call of Duty! Control the movement and aiming player weapons in high dynamic battles with realistic physics and beautiful visual effects. See what you character sees! Switch between first/third/strategy control on fly.

Choose and customize the units, which will be produced your on defensive buildings. Build defensive structures, create obstacles against the enemy. Grow massive armies, command them and conquer.

Each player chooses a sector on a global map and starts to build the first base on their colonial planet from the edge of the world. From there, the player can move their base to the center of the world by defeating other players and capturing other planets.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of variations of weapons, abilities and special items: Really big guns, Tactical Nukes, alien biological weapons, powerful rockets, psionic and energy abilities, high-tech and old school weapons, all at your disposal.
  • Customisation:Your character will grow, constantly gathering experience and money as they move through the ranks. Your character will have generic parameters such as power, health, armor, intelligence and unique parameters. Every parameter affects gameplay in its own way. Levels are giving access to new abilities, weapons and other items.
  • Extra abilities for each characters: Transformation, morphing, jetpacks, invisibility, teleportation, mutation, force fields, underground movement and more. Each character is endowed with the unique ability available only for them.
  • Command huge armies and large constructions of bases: Hundreds of player controlled and ai controlled units in one battle. Large flying command centers and walking alien bases.
  • Amazing landscapes: Each planet has its unique terrain, whether it's an amazing alien landscapes, lush jungles, flying islands, deserts dotted with craters, volcanoes, underwater, space stations or urban landscapes of cities of the future. You will never get tired of traveling and discovering new horizons!
  • Dynamic weather changes: Full day/night cycle and dynamic clouds and weather changes: rain, fog snow etc. You will see the world's changes around.
  • Destroyable environment objects: Destroy everything in your path, stones, rocks, buildings, plants, all and any in-game objects you can touch could be destroyed with bright, and impressively realistic effects.
  • Natural disasters: Volcanic eruption, falling asteroids, tornadoes, flood, fire, earthquake, and numerous paranormal disasters. Feel the destructive power of the nature! 
  • Switch gameplay modes on the fly: Switch between first/third person/strategy control on the fly.
  • 5 layers for high dynamics battles: Walk on the planetary surface, fly into the air, dig underground, dive under the water, teleport into the open space. Move at high speed in all directions and destroy your enemies everywhere!

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