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Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action

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'Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy' v2.11 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 18, 2013 @ 1:37 p.m. PST

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy faithfully recreates the experience of tactical land warfare in Western France during World War Two. The first installment in this new series covers the three months after the Allied D-Day landings in Normandy in June 1944, from Operation Overlord in June through the Cobra Breakout in August.

Get the Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy v2.11 Patch off WP (339mb)

The patch is NOT compatible with the 1.0 branch of the game. You need to have the 2.0 Upgrade installed in order to be able to use this patch. The patch updates the base game and any modules you may have installed automatically.

This v2.11 patch of CM Battle for Normandy is all inclusive. It can be installed over any previous version of the 2.00 Upgrade, and it works for base-game only installs as well as any combination of modules. Other non-Battlefront versions may not be compatible with this patch.

New 2.11 Feature List * Generally improved graphics, including FPS and quality improvements, and better support for faster video cards
* Bridge navigation problems corrected
* ATG issues when setting up near walls and bocage corrected
* AA guns can no longer incorrectly limber near walls and bocage
* Passenger vulnerability in soft skinned vehicles increased
* German halftrack gunners lowered to a more accurate protective stance
* Some urban roofs that incorrectly blocked LOS/LOF no longer do
* Vehicles using Pause do not have accuracy reduced as if they are still moving
* King Tiger ammo counts lowered to probable correct amounts of 64 for Porsche type and 70 for Henschel
* Marder II based formation added to Quick Battles (Luftwaffe only)
* Jagdpanzer IV/70 now has ammo for it's machinegun
* Sherman M4A3(75)W (Rhino) now shows the cutter attachment
* PIAT max range reduced to 180m
* "Ditch Contours" feature
* US Airborne uniform options for Holland corrected
* Missing German Airborne and Navy unit portraits now included
* Various minor bug fixes
New 2.01 Feature List * Fixed a bug that occasionally caused weapons crews to move back to an old position when deploying their weapon.
* Corrected issues with deploying MGs in buildings.
* Soldiers fire weapons faster at short ranges, especially Garand rifles.
* Small arms fire causes more suppression than before.
* General improvements to MG performance behavior. See note below this list for more information.
* Sandbags, wire, foxholes, hedgehogs, and trenches are correctly treated as "lower down" for spotting purposes.
* Pistol accuracy slightly reduced.
* BAR range increased to 800m.
* Shaders optimized for nVidia and ATI.
* Moving a mortar even a short distance causes greater loss of target acquisition.
* Bunker-mounted MGs are more accurate than before.
* SS leaders have correct poncho camouflage pattern.
* Corrected an accuracy problem with on-map indirect fire.
* Crews bailed out of destroyed vehicles have more jittery morale.
* Corrected a vehicle navigation problem on bridges.
* Target line for area fire is slightly thicker to differentiate it.
* Shooting at bunkers from very short range works better.
* Daimler SOD given a mounted Bren LMG.
* Fixed a bug causing immobilized MG teams after dismounting from MG bunkers.
* Purple "pop smoke" target line goes away when it should.
* Better small-arms aiming at unarmored vehicles.
* Minor TO&E fixes.
* Fixed a bug that caused some Macs to crash while loading scenarios.

Special Note: MGs now have more effective aiming, rates of fire, and suppression effects. These highly requested changes make combat even more realistic and more challenging tactically. Some players will find their existing tactics may need some adjustments, others may find no significant need for change. We recommend practicing attacks on MG positions before continuing an in progress Campaign or game against another player.

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