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Heavy Gear Assault

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Stompy Bot Productions
Developer: MekTek Studios

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'Heavy Gear Assault' Using Unreal Engine 4 - Trailer

by Rainier on March 26, 2013 @ 2:55 p.m. PDT

Set in a futuristic gladiatorial world, Heavy Gear Assault transforms mecha combat into a spectacular sporting event where players battle it out for fame and glory.

Get the Heavy Gear Assault Trailer off WP (49mb)

The core of the game features Duelists -- who pilot war machines known as Gears -- battling for fame and fortune in the highly competitive, action packed sporting arenas on the interstellar planet Terra Nova.  Pilots can use their winnings to invest in more advanced Gears, weapons and equipment that allow them to participate in more dangerous, hence more profitable, events.  Gears are also extremely customizable from their weapon loadouts to their paint schemes. 

Through the use of Unreal Engine 4 the game will feature high-end visuals that scale well for low- to high-end PCs. Unreal Engine 4 is capable of near photo realism, destructible environments and flexible high-level network architecture for multiplayer gaming.

“We’re pleased to provide the world-class tools that are being used to breathe new life into the Heavy Gear game universe,” said Joe Kreiner, Epic’s head of North American licensing. “Unreal Engine 4 is the ideal technical foundation to use for making PC games, particularly with its rendering capabilities and speed of development.”

Stompy Bot also hit its $100,000 milestone of their $900 000 crowdfunding campaign goal. To ensure mecha fans will see the revolutionary new title, Stompy Bot Productions is planning a Kickstarter campaign that will run concurrently alongside their on-going crowdfunding efforts on the Heavy Gear website.  The date of the Kickstarter launch is yet to be determined.

“With a rebirth of interest in mecha games, we feel the time is right for a new Heavy Gear game,” James Taylor, President, Stompy Bot Productions said.  “We’re all gamers and fans of giant robots at Stompy Bot and are dedicated to bringing a revolutionary game to the community.  With our crowdfunding campaign, we are appealing directly to the community and are soliciting their participation in the birth of a new era.”

Heavy Gear Assault will stay true to the legacy established by the original games by focusing on action oriented, personal combat.  The title balances the long range battles that mecha titles are known for with the devastating melee combat Heavy Gear fans expect. Pilots will be able to unleash shocking combos to demolish their opponents as well as thrill the crowds.

The game utilizes a dynamic destruction engine that shows visible, physical damage to Gears and the environment.  Damage to specific body parts affects performance which creates tactical options.  One pilot might choose to target an opponent’s leg to slow them down.  Another player could blow off an enemy’s arm to force them to drop their main weapon. Even the arena can become a weapon for cunning players that use firepower to level obstacles or create their own cover.   

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