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Planar Conquest

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Wastelands Interactive
Release Date: Q2 2016

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'Worlds Of Magic' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens

by Rainier on April 3, 2013 @ 6:42 p.m. PDT

Worlds of Magic: Planar Conquest is a 4X strategy game set in a fantasy universe combining the outstanding features of the greatest classic 4X games with innovative, exciting, and unique new features.

The world of Elannra was a land of beauty and enchantment, where the wise and powerful used magic to lift themselves to the heavens, seeking to become gods. It was their arrogance that destroyed the world; ripped its fabric apart at the very seams. The War of Ascension consumed it. And so they fled. Gateways were opened to new worlds, to new lands ripe for conquest. The Sorcerer lords of Elannra plunged through these portals taking their servants with them, intending to wage their immortal wars across the planes themselves.

But the magic of these worlds was different, it was not the open flowing source of Elannra. The Sorcerer lords had to begin again and learn the ways of these new magics. With their learning came power and with power conquest. Only victory will end this war. Only one Sorcerer can reign supreme!

Worlds of Magic combines classic elements like randomly generated world maps and powerful heroes with new game mechanics, such as the D20 OGL rule set, and expanded features, like seven planes of existence. Although a completely new title from a design point of view, it seeks to hold true to the essence of what made Master of Magic a true classic. 

Worlds Of Magic developer  Wastelands Interactive has launched a kickstarter campaign to fund the project and is looking for a mere £30,000.

Worlds of Magic uses the D20 OGL Rule Set for its tactical combat background mechanics. D20 is one of the most prolific rule sets ever used to simulate medieval combat and has literally billions of play hours attesting to its success. It allows us to create interesting units with unique feats, abilities, and statistics while at the same time providing a framework for maintaining balance.

Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate: Explore uniquely generated universes. Expand your empire by building armies, recruiting mercenaries, and founding or capturing cities. Exploit resources and factions alike to increase your own power. Exterminate your enemies using the tools of war or diplomacy.

Discover a new and in-depth magic system! Spells are divided into twelve magical circles according to their element or effect. Master the ways of Fire or learn all the spells of Destruction. Combine circles to access new spells or combine spell effects to form powerful combo-spells. Use powerful magic on the battlefield, cast global enchantments, summon creatures, curse cities, and much more!

Key Features:

  • Master of Magic Spiritual Successor - WoM builds on the foundation MoM laid, rather than replacing it.
  • D20 System - Units, Spells, and Heroes will all draw from the D20 rule set during tactical battles.
  • 4X deep playability -Explore, exploit, expand and exterminate in a universe of magic.
  • Hero Units - Recruit powerful, artifact wielding heroes to lead your forces into battle.
  • Twelve Spell Circles - Focus on depth in a single school, or spread your knowledge across many.
  • Unique Races - Each race features exclusive units and play style.
  • Settle Powerful Cities – Construct buildings and control production to create powerful armies.
  • Multiple victory conditions - Make war, establish trade routes, or use peace as your weapon.
  • Procedurally generated universe – Each game can be different, each universe unique.
  • Planes of existence - Explore and conquer seven different planes of existence.
  • Multilanguage - English, Polish, and Spanish are confirmed. More languages coming soon.

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