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Survey Shows Only Half of All Gamers Play Retail Console Games

by Rainier on April 4, 2013 @ 10:29 a.m. PDT

Research & market firm Interpret recently conducted a survey to understand cross-platform digital gaming adoption and behavior in ten global market which showed that only 53% of US gamers have played a traditional retail console game in the past six months.

Interpret's GameByte service studies consumers (age 6-64) of every form of video gaming, including both traditional retail business models and digital business models. The latest data reveals that 96% of all US gamers have played some form of digital game in the past six months. By contrast, only 53% of US gamers have played a traditional retail console game in the same period.

“The trend carries across all ten countries covered by GameByte,” said Jason Coston, senior analyst at Interpret. “If you’re a gamer, you’re a digital gamer. Retail console games still capture a significant portion of gamers, but several digital business models now command just as much market share: mobile game apps, social network games on PC, and casual games on PC.”

GameByte data also confirms the ubiquity of digital gaming in other countries traditionally focused on consoles, such as the UK and Japan. Ninety-four percent of UK gamers now play digital games, as well as 87% of Japanese gamers.

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