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BandFuse: Rock Legends

Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Rhythm
Publisher: Mastiff
Developer: Realta Entertainment Group
Release Date: Nov. 19, 2013

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'BandFuse: Rock Legends' (ALL) Adds Lynch Mob/Dokken Guitarist To Its Lineup - Trailer

by Rainier on May 13, 2013 @ 3:27 p.m. PDT

Letting gamers plug in a real guitar and casually strum along with their favorite songs or master the techniques of the world's most iconic guitarists, BandFuse: Rock Legends gives players the chance to experience their favorite songs like never before.

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BandFuse: Rock Legends will change the way the way people play, interact and think about the music gaming genre. Whether you have never held a guitar before, or you are already playing in a band, BandFuse will have you rockin’ with your favorite songs in minutes. BandFuse connects real guitars and microphones to your game console unleashing a full band experience for players of all skill levels.

A unique interface using animated tablature will simplify music for beginners, showing them where to put their fingers and when to hit the strings. Experienced guitarists will be challenged to master solos and advanced techniques, playing along with songs exactly as recorded by the original artists.

Legendary lead guitarist George Lynch is the next in-game legend in BandFuse: Rock Legends

“Passing on the guitar skills and knowledge I have learned over the years to guitarists and gamers is super rewarding,” said George Lynch. “This is an amazingly fun way to learn how to play guitar and bass and a great alternative to traditional teaching. I am happy to help usher in a new era in music gaming.”

Lynch, who joins the other previously revealed BandFuse legends Slash, Bootsy Collins, Zakk Wylde, and Five Finger Death Punch, is the fifth legend announced in the game’s line-up of luminary guitar and bass players. Lynch gained fame as the heavy metal guitarist for renowned bands Dokken and Lynch Mob.

Currently, Lynch is recording in his studio, touring on the road, and promoting his newest album release “Slave to the Empire” with the band T&N. With a career spanning more than 30 years, Lynch has recorded more than 20 albums, toured the globe many times, and is one of the most recognizable names in heavy metal guitar.

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