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A Hat in Time

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Humble Bundle
Developer: Gears For Breakfast
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2017

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'A Hat in Time' Launches Kickstarter, Speeds Past Funding Goal

by Rainier on June 2, 2013 @ 11:33 p.m. PDT

A Hat in Time is a 3D collect-a-thon platformer where time is falling apart and it is the job of the brave interstellar-traveling solo Hat Kid to collect all the time pieces and put them back together!

But watch out, you're in a race against the evil Mustache Girl, who wants to use time for evil!

The game mashes the best of Nintendo 64 platforming and gives it a modern twist! Not only can you navigate terrain using traditional gameplay mechanics such as running and jumping (and wall jumping - everybody loves wall jumping!), but you are also provided with your trusty umbrella, which can be upgraded to provide a wide range of abilities!

Hat Kid can wall jump, slide and double jump. As her story progresses, she unlocks additional moves like the hookshot, ground pound and pogo upgrades!

In previous collect-a-thon titles, combat has played no bigger role than a mundane task. In A Hat in Time, we want to fully integrate combat into the game, and we've done so by giving every new upgrade Hat Kid finds an alternative combat functionality!

In addition, and unlike previous platformers, combat is rewarding: obtain unlockables, such as new abilities, by defeating strong enemies! Here you can have your cake AND eat it!

A Hat in Time is split up into five story segments, 'chapters', and each chapter is split into several missions, 'acts'. The chapters differ greatly, ranging from big cities to spooky forests, vast deserts, and even the moon!

In chapter 1 'Down with the Mafia', Hat Kid crash lands on a mountain containing a huge city, entirely infested by the Mafia of Cooks! Hat Kid will have to both defeat the Mafia of Cooks and save the city from drowning in super hot lava, all this while keeping Mustache Girl at bay!

In chapter 2 'The Subcon Forest', Hat Kid is on a mission to save the gloomy Subcon Forest! But it won't be easy, The Snatcher will be stealing your stuff, the Moonjumper will be mind-controlling everyone around you and Timmy will be getting in your way as he takes control of his living haunted manor!

Chapter 3 - Trainwreck of Science
Chapter 4 - Sand and Sail
Chapter 5 - Finale

If we can raise more than $30,000, we really want to extend the game both in game length and in features! We will try our best to make all stretch goal additions entirely free for everyone (but we realize that not all platforms support this form of distribution).

  • $40,000: Developer commentary will be released where we talk about the ins and outs of the development process
  • $50,000: A co-op mode will be available as free DLC post-release
  • $80,000: An additional 6th chapter of your choice will be available as free DLC post-release!
  • $95,000: All character dialogues will feature full voice acting! No more blips and bloops, real voices!
  • $110,000: An additional 7th chapter of your choice will be available as free DLC post-release!

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