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World Of The Living Dead

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer

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'World of the Living Dead' Servers Shut Down, Will Return Revamped

by Rainier on June 24, 2013 @ 9:46 a.m. PDT

World of the Living Dead makes innovative use of Google Maps and US Census data to create a massive game universe based on real-world locations. Zombie numbers in each city block react to player activity as they scavenge for supplies, kill zeds or raid other survivors.

Realistic starvation and dehydration combine with the effects of fear and fatigue to make it tough to survive in a game where every city block is teeming with faceless hordes of the living dead.

With a unique background story involving a desperate “survival of the fittest” plan by the shadowy National Emergency Control & Relief Agency, bonus collectibles, drag and drop inventory management and a flexible approach to developing skills and managing multiple characters, WotLD is unlike any other massively-multiplayer zombie game on the Internet.

Ballardia Games announced that, after a year of Open Beta, the decision has been made to close browser-based zombie survival strategy game World of the Living Dead this afternoon. They are also proud to announce that a completely rebuilt version of the game, WotLD: Resurrection, will launch later this summer.

After over two years of development, the developers came to the conclusion that the game in its current shape, form and infrastructure needed a drastic redesign. Positive early press from the games media revealed that WotLD - and its Google Maps-based gameplay - was unable to cope with large influxes of players generated by the coverage. This led to a realisation by the developers that they would have to go back to the drawing board, if they were ever to bring their vision of a zombie survival strategy game to life.

Speaking of the shutdown, co-Founder Dave Barton said “We ripped out its guts but not its brains. World of the Living Dead is still a challenging, hardcore game for the smart zombie game strategist”. The other co-Founder, Kulpreet Singh said “We've made substantial design changes - restructuring the universe into grids, extracting information from a rich real-world data set and making these grids and data work together to provide a much more scalable game.”

With the new game ready to launch later this summer, the developers want to say a big thank you to the core community who have been playing the game for the past year and inform them that they will be receiving special in-game gifts when the new game launches. Any unspent NECRA Credits will also be transferred across to their new accounts and a Closed Beta test for a limited number of existing users will begin in July.

During the downtime, the developers will be releasing information about their reasoning behind closing the server on the official blog, as well as details about all-new and improved features for the new game. This will include information about the migration from Google Maps to Open Street Maps, the new grid-based movement system and big changes to z-density movement. The series of blog posts will also look in detail at topics such as Scavenging, Survivors, Hunger and Thirst, Safehouses, Repairs and Modifications, and Research.

Key Features:

  • Survival strategy zombie MMO browser game
  • Huge game universe, starting with all of Los Angeles County
  • Background story based on a drastic plan to save humanity
  • Competition for limited resources - locations do not replenish
  • Realistic character needs based on fear, fatigue, hunger and thirst
  • Hardcore PvP with character permadeath and item looting from corpses
  • Establish upgradeable safehouses and claim territory
  • Control multiple characters with unique skill development paths
  • Real-world weapons and items
  • 150+ in-game collectible bonus cards
  • Dozens of achievements for surviving, fighting and exploring
  • Over 9 million zombies!

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