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Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Playdek

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'Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians' Rearranges Kickstarter Stretch Goals

by Rainier on Jan. 22, 2014 @ 12:39 a.m. PST

Unsung Story is a tactical RPG that weaves together a complex and rich game world, with inspiring class based tactics game play.

History is written by winners, and tells the tales of heroes. But where there are winners, there are losers, and wars are not won by heroes alone. Behind the veil of history, there are countless stories that lie forgotten. Reliving these hidden tales is the concept behind the Unsung Story.

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians presents an epic sweep of history through the eyes of the ones that make it, but are overlooked by the passing of time. It presents a fundamental twist on the hero’s story, as it immerses gamers through the experiences of those lashed to the great wheel of history!

Playdek originally joined forces with master designer Yasumi Matsuno to develop a series of mobile games based on Matsuno’s creative vision. The overwhelming fan response to its partnership with the legendary designer encouraged Playdek to turn to Kickstarter to help it raise $600,000 to develop the game across multiple platforms, deepen the content and add to its creative “dream” team.

With the Kickstarter funds ($600,000) and stretch goals, Playdek also hopes to add well-known composer Hitoshi Sakimoto and translators Alexander Smith and Joseph Reeder to its creative dream team. Additional stretch goals include developing the game for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

Playdek issues the following statement:

You guys have been the best fans anyone could have asked for and we are so grateful to have such a passionate bunch of people backing this amazing project! When we first started down this journey we had no idea we would come across such an inspirational group of fans that it makes us really excited to be trying to make sure all of your needs and wants with this game are being met. We have been reading all of your comments, ideas, and suggestions and have decided to rearrange the Stretch Goals to move your priorities such as platform preferences and additional creative talents to the front of our list.

We want nothing more than to give you what you want so we have moved the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS closer to the top. We have also heard your requests for a console release and so after much consideration we have added development for the PS4 to our list! But it doesn’t stop there; a lot of you have been asking about whether or not you would be able to receive a copy of the game on one of the Stretch Goal platforms if we reach them so in response to this question we will now allow every backer in the $80 tier and up to choose their platform of choice for their copy of the game! So help us reach these goals by spreading the word and getting your friend to join in on this amazing journey!

Here is the list of Stretch Goals for all of us to work together towards:

$750K - Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder added to the project 

At this level we will be able to add two of the best translators for English and Japanese to our game, Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder! Both of these men have worked with Mr. Matsuno in the past and are very excited to have this chance to work with him again on Unsung Story.

$1M - Hitoshi Sakimoto added to the project & PS Vita 

After reading all of your comments, we have not only brought Hitoshi Sakimoto and the PS Vita a lot closer to the base goal, but we have also combined them into one tier!

$1.25M - PS4 

A lot of you have been requesting that we add a console as one of our platforms for Unsung Story so because of this once we reach this level of backing you will now see a PS4 version of the game available for you to own!

$1.5M - Nintendo 3DS 

Many of you have been asking that we move the Nintendo 3DS closer since you want to be able to play Unsung Story on this device so in response we have moved it closer for you! Help spread the word of this Kickstarter campaign and let’s reach this Stretch Goal and bring this game to the Nintendo 3DS!

$1.6M - New Game + 

Replay value is very important when it comes to games today, so at this level we want to make sure you will have a New Game+ mode added to Unsung Story allowing you to build a better and stronger team on your second (and even third) time through!

$1.7M - Co-Operative Play (2v2 and 2vAI) 

Want to pair up with a friend and take on another team of individuals in a head to head style tactics match? At this level we will add just that to our game, allowing you and a friend to compete against other teams of players or even against the AI!

$1.85M - Map Creator

Added Are you a creator at heart? Then this goal is for you! The addition of the Map Creator will allow you to create maps that you will then be able to share with the Unsung Story community! Have your friends play your map and use their feedback to become a Map Creating MASTER!

$2M - Full Orchestra Recording of the Soundtrack & Bonus Music Tracks 

For the music lovers, at this level we will have a live orchestra play all of the music from Hitoshi Sakimoto for Unsung Story! In addition to this live orchestra Mr. Sakimoto will also compose additional music tracks for everyone to enjoy!

$2.15 - Voice-overs for Unsung Story & subtitle translation by Alexander O. Smith 

Allow the game to come to life with some amazing voice-overs and get the feeling that you are actually in the game watching the scene unfold! Translations for the subtitles will be included and will be done by Alexander O. Smith! 

$2.25M - Challenge & Arena Mode Added 

Like a good challenge from time to time? Think you have what it takes to live through waves and waves of monsters? Then the Challenge Mode is for you! Want to take your skills to the next level and prove you are the best and go head to head against others in this Arena Mode!

$2.4 - Live Concert by Hitoshi Sakimoto

At this level of backing Hitoshi Sakimoto will now perform a live concert somewhere in Southern California, performing music from some of his most memorable titles. We will do our best to either include a live stream of this event or record the concert and upload somewhere for fans across the world to enjoy!

As for the additional characters and scenarios we had originally included, we have decided that since you guys are helping us out so much by backing this project we wanted to help you out by adding as much to the game as possible as our way of saying “Thank You” for your support. We will take care of these goals ourselves and will be sure to make the game as rich and as fulfilling as humanly possible!

We are very excited with these changes and hope you are too! By meeting the PS Vita and PS4 Stretch Goals we will be able to bring this game to the North American Playstation Store and again all backers at the $80 level and up will be able to choose one of these platforms for their copy of Unsung Story!

We are also excited to be able to bring Hitoshi Sakimoto in closer and to be able to tie him in with the PS Vita goal is just amazing since it means at the $1M level you will not only receive PS Vita development but you will have the incredibly talent Hitoshi Sakimoto on the team to compose the soundtrack. We have been fortunate to receive this message from the man himself to share with everyone!

Video can be viewed here.

It hasn’t just been the Stretch Goals that we have been evaluating; after reading many comments and suggestions we have decided to make the following additions to some of the backer reward tiers based off of your input and desires:

  • Beta Access has been added to the $50 tier!
  • At the $80, $110, $140, and both $165 tiers backers will now receive 2 Kickstarter Edition Characters (your choice!)!
  • Backers at the $250 tier and up will now receive ALL 4 Kickstarter Edition Elite Classes!
  • Backers at the $165 tiers will now receive 2 additional copies of the game! (3 copies total)
  • Backers at the $250 and up will now receive 3 additional copies of the game! (4 copies total!)

Please know that these additional copies of the game will be for the PC/Mac/Linux/Windows Tablets platforms only. You will not be able to choose any of the Stretch Goal platforms for these additional copies.

Also we have added the option to choose either a physical copy of Unsung Story or a digital copy for all backers in the $140 tier and up which should excite some of you collectors out there!

Another big request we saw was to add the Kickstarter Edition Characters as add-ons, so we have done just that! You are now able to purchase your choice of Kickstarter Edition Characters as an add-on that you can add to your pledge:

  • CD Soundtrack - $10 (include $15 for international shipping)
  • Digital Soundtrack - $8
  • Printed Strategy Guide - $25 (include $15 for international shipping)
  • Digital Strategy Guide - $20
  • Printed Art Book - $30 (include $15 for international shipping)(This art book will have a soft cover, while the art book being offered as a backer reward will have a hard cover)
  • Unsung Story TShirt - $25 (include $15 for international shipping)(NOTE: This TShirt is NOT the same TShirt that is being offered as a reward)
  • Special Kickstarter Edition Character - $10 each

If you are an international backer you will need to add $15 for shipping if you already have not added shipping based off of your backer tier. You only need to pay for shipping one time!

In order to take advantage of these add-ons you will need to do the following:

  • Click the “Manage Your Pledge” button.
  • Adjust your pledge amount to reflect the add-ons you wish to purchase. So for example, if you want to purchase the soundtrack you will need to add $10 do your current pledge amount.
  • Do not change the tier you are currently pledged at unless you want to change your tier as well. For add-ons you will just need to add the specified amount to your pledge.

After the campaign has ended we will send out a survey in order to find out which add-on(s) you purchased size of the Tshirt, and other customizations where possible.

We have more exciting information coming out soon that I know you will all be excited about! Thank you to everyone so far, and help spread the word and together let’s make this amazing game!



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