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Fantasia: Music Evolved

Platform(s): Xbox 360, Xbox One
Genre: Rhythm
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Developer: Harmonix
Release Date: 2014


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'Fantasia: Music Evolved' (XOne/X360) DLC List Revealed

by Adam Pavlacka on Oct. 10, 2014 @ 5:10 p.m. PDT

Fantasia: Music Evolved transports players to a breathtaking world where music and magic combine to transform extraordinary interactive landscapes in entirely new and creative ways!

Earlier today, Harmonix announced that the Fantasia: Music Evolved demo was available on Xbox Live. At the same time, all of the DLC was uploaded to the Xbox One marketplace along with the digital versions of the game.

The DLC available includes a total of 18 songs:

  1. "As Long As You Love Me" - Justin Bieber
  2. "Burn" - Ellie Goulding
  3. "Burning Down The House" - Talking Heads
  4. "Closer" - Ne-Yo
  5. "Counting Stars" - OneRepublic
  6. "DONE" - The Band Perry
  7. "Edge of Glory" - Lady Gaga
  8. "I Cry" - Flo Rida
  9. "Just Like Heaven" - The Cure
  10. "Lay Me Down" - AVICII
  11. "Let It Go" - Demi Lovato
  12. "Lucky Strike" - Maroon 5
  13. "Paradise" - Coldplay
  14. "Spoonman" - Soundgarden
  15. "Stay The Night" - Zedd (feat. Hayley Williams)
  16. "The End Of The World As We Know It" - R.E.M.
  17. "Try It Out" - Skrillex & Alvin Risk
  18. "You Make Me" - AVICII

Although no price was listed for individual pieces of DLC, all 18 songs are included in the deluxe digital bundle, which is priced at $89.99. The standard digital version of the game is $59.99. Given that three of the 18 songs ("Lay Me Down," "Let It Go," and "Counting Stars") are available as a free pre-order incentive at stores selling the physical disc, that means buyers are essentially paying $30 for 15 songs, or $2 each if purchased in the bundle.

Interestingly enough, the description for each of the DLC songs includes the following text:

"Enjoy this content in advance of launch date by purchasing Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved - Digital Deluxe bundle."

If the text is to be believed, it appears that anyone who does purchase the digital deluxe bundle will get immediate access to all DLC tracks. Buyers who want to purchase a la carte may have to wait before being able to purchase their songs of choice.

Additionally, three DLC packs were listed as being included with both digital versions of the game.

The Dance Expansion Pack (127.71 MB) adds additional dance mixes to the following core game songs:

  1. "Get Ur Freak On" - Missy Elliott
  2. "In Your Eyes" - Peter Gabriel
  3. "Rocket Man" - Elton John
  4. "Some Nights" - Fun
  5. "Take Care" - Drake (feat. Rhianna)
  6. "The Real Me" - The Who

The Pop Expansion Pack (114.35 MB) adds additional pop mixes to the following core game songs:

  1. "Blue Monday" - New Order
  2. "Bohemian Rhapsody" - Queen
  3. "Forget You" - Cee Lo Green
  4. "Levels" - AVICII
  5. "Seven Nation Army" - The White Stripes
  6. "Super Bass" - Nicki Minaj

The Rock Expansion Pack (98.33 MB) adds additional rock mixes to the following core game songs:

  1. "Applause" - Lady Gaga
  2. "Feel Good Inc." - Gorillaz
  3. "Galang" - M.I.A.
  4. "Locked Out of Heaven" - Bruno Mars
  5. "Message in a Bottle" - The Police
  6. "Royals" - Lorde

Again, no price was listed, but seeing as how these are listed with both versions of the game, chances are good that the three expansion packs will be available for free to all buyers (both digital and physical).

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