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Beyond: Flesh and Blood

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Developer: Pixelbomb Games
Release Date: Q2 2016

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'Beyond: Flesh and Blood' (ALL) Alpha Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Oct. 13, 2014 @ 4:51 p.m. PDT

Beyond Flesh and Blood is a 3rd person shooter that challenges players to blast through multiple levels of hostile scavenger forces and mutating enemy threats on a mission to help reclaim the surface of earth – starting with dystopian Manchester.

Get the Beyond: Flesh and Blood Demo off WP (1.1GB)

Bringing together dystopian themes of dehumanisation, political instability and environmental disaster, we've created an amazingly immersive experience where the objective is to tactically understand and utilise your environment in a battle against deadly enemies.

Players jack into advanced multi-ability combat rigs and battle a range of formidable enemies and mech weapon systems across post apocalyptic Manchester, in fast paced gameplay that will push any players shooter skills to the limit.

Players must battle their way through multiple gore-filled levels, blasting apart grotesque enemy hives, eliminating wave after wave of enemy scum with powerful weapons that push player’s skills to the limit.

The demo allows hands-on access to a full hour of the horror/sci-fi crossover game. Gamers and testers will be invited to experience a special level to examine the CG and playability – and finally, get a real taste of the game’s storyline set in Manchester.

Key Features:

  • PLUNGE into an urban war zone, rip through enemies in an high-impact shooter on your mission to regain strategic control of the city.
  • RESTORE the signal uplink to the Tree of Life and work with the U.G.R. to deploy and repair additional towers.
  • FIGHT any forces that stand in your way; upgrading your mech with high-spec weapon systems.
  • USE your Tactical Combat Frame (T.C.F.) to gain intel by hacking into security systems and solving strategic puzzles.
  • UNLOCK diverse locations, advance your abilities, and fight grand scale battles beyond anything you've ever encountered before. From the moment you start playing, this becomes your world.

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