Armored Warfare

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Release Date: 2015

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'Armored Warfare' Details Commanders And Crews - Screens

by Rainier on Oct. 16, 2014 @ 3:48 p.m. PDT

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online tactical military video game that puts you in control of some of the most incredible, modern destructive machines to grace a battlefield.

In Armored Warfare, powered by the CryEngine, you will find yourself behind the treads of the most modern mechanized destructive machines on the planet. From general purpose combat vehicles, to main battle tanks, and even long-range high-powered artillery, it will be up to you to defeat your enemies and control the battlefield.

In Armored Warfare, players will take on the role of private military contractors who are called into action throughout a modern virtual world. Overseeing their own personal command base, players will expand, enhance, and customize their headquarters, manage and upgrade their military convoy of vehicles, and train and develop their crews through a robust reputation and experience system. Dynamic environments in Armored Warfare require players to change strategies on the battlefield at a moment’s notice keeping them ever vigilant to the tides of battle.

Armored Warfare features next-gen visuals, dynamic destructible environments, customizable vehicles and intense team-based gameplay where players work to crush each other with the power of modern combat vehicles in a free-to-compete experience.

Drive modern tanks, armored vehicles and more.

In Armored Warfare the vehicles you drive in battle have their own crew depending on the model and type of vehicle and just as in real life each crew member has his own specialty. A gunner in the artillery wouldn’t necessarily be as skilled at manning the gun in a Main Battle Tank for example. As well as a permanent crew each vehicle needs a commander who is the most important person for improving the performance of the armored vehicle. Today we will give more information on tank crews and how commanders will work.


Each crew can only be used in a specific vehicle and cannot be transferred to others. Tank crews will have a customized set of skills and levels that can be increased through experience in battle.

Players can choose skills for their crew based on their style of play and hardware configuration. Crew skills must be selected carefully and while they cannot change the efficiency of basic tank characteristics, some skills will perform better than others for different vehicles. If the skills are chosen correctly vehicles will instead become easier to operate, reload more rapidly or shoot more accurately.

Crew skills are not a massive factor for the hardware but they do play an important role on the battlefield. For example, the difference between a beginner level crew and a level 30 crew (halfway to the maximum level) is considerable.

Crew professionalism directly depends on the number of battles the tank has been involved in. The more battles; the more experienced the crew, the better they will know their tank and the more efficiently they will operate it. This increase is almost unlimited in terms of time, so players can make their favorite tanks more and more lethal the longer they play the game.


Commanders are a separate fighting unit who form part of the tank crew and act as a key element of the team. In contrast to regular crew members the commander can switch from tank to tank and because of this they have their own unique development system.

Each commander is a completely formed character with their own biography, history, portrait and personality.

Players will improve a commander's characteristics independently. Commanders will improve their level as their battle experience increases and with each level they gain a certain number of points can be used to improve their different characteristics. As higher levels are reached they will be able to access to new skills to learn. Each time player reach a new level they can choose one of two skills and in this way they can create a commander with a unique set of improvements.

The maximum level for a commander is 60.

Here are some examples of commander characteristics:

Competency — reduces the chances of disabling crew members when hardware is damaged.
Leadership — increases the level of different skills of their crew members.
Determination — this skill increases the commander’s loading skill level if the he combines this with his main duties. This characteristic also allows the commander to replace crew members that have been disabled.
Perception — increases the field of vision of the tank while the commander is aboard.

Here are some examples of commander skills:

Eagle Eye — increases maximum aiming accuracy.
Uncontainable — increases the tanks maximum movement speed.
Tactical change — increases reloading speed.

Commanders will have several dozen skills available from which a player should choose 8 sets of 2 skills

Each player gets three commanders at the start of the game. Later on this number can be increased. Commanders can be recruited with game currency, by achieving certain levels or by carrying out special missions.

Commander features

Commanders have their own qualification levels. The narrower the commander's specialization with a certain tank, the higher the maximum level of improvements available to them and the more character points they receive per level.

  • Generalists — These Commanders can use a wide variety of vehicles and you will receive three Generalist commanders when you begin the game. These Commanders are limited in their growth but are quite flexible in terms of vehicle roles.
  • Veterans — These commanders are less common than Generalists and are more limited in their usability; for example, limited to a specific range of tiers and roles. So a Veteran Commander might be limited to Tier 1-3 AFVs/TDs.
  • Specialists — Specialist Commanders have a narrower range of vehicles that they can drive and are generally limited to a single role. For example, a Specialist Commander might only be able to work in Tier 7-8 MBTs. Specialists gain 5 Stat Points per level as opposed to the 2 that Generalist and Veteran Commanders gain.
  • Masters — Master Commanders are the rarest and restricted Commanders in Armored Warfare and can only command between 1 and 3 vehicles. They gain 6 Stat Points per level, the most out of any Commander class. Obtaining a Master Commander will be a significant accomplishment for players as they will become available only at level 50.
  • Exclusive – unique commanders who players can get only during special events. Their characteristics may differ or correspond to any level of qualification from Generalists to Masters. Players will be able to get 2 of these exclusive commanders before the game launches.

Commanders in Armored Warfare are a complex and exciting way for you to further customize your armored vehicles . You’ll have the opportunity to collect lots of different Commanders and complete achievements that reward you with the specific character you’re looking for.

A variety of team-based tactical and competitive gameplay modes in Armored Warfare will not only test the mettle of players in PvP, but will have them pulling together group strategies in order to overcome grueling player-versus-environment (PvE) scenarios. Players will also be able to join Clans and participate in large scale Territory Wars in the power struggle for world domination. Armored Warfare will continue to be updated and supported for years to come with new weapons, vehicles, base elements, and battle modes.

Key Features:

  • Players will hop into the cockpits of modern combat vehicles and heavy military weaponry in Armored Warfare to do battle across cooperative campaigns and team-based matches.
  • Armored Warfare puts players in full control of upgrading and building their arsenal of military vehicles and weapons based on the way the want to play offering a diverse path and wide-range of strategies to be implemented.
  • A variety of team-based tactical and competitive gameplay modes in Armored Warfare will test the mettle of players where group strategies must be employed to take on and overcome unique player-versus-environment (PvE) scenarios and other players and teams.
  • As an online game, Obsidian Entertainment will continually release new gameplay modes, military vehicles and weapons, upgrades, base expansions and more in Armored Warfare.

Armored Warfare will launch into closed beta in 2014 for PC.

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