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Valiance Online

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: SilverHelm Studios

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'Valiance Online' Recruits City of Heroes Animator, Goes Open Alpha

by Rainier on Dec. 15, 2014 @ 10:03 a.m. PST

Valiance Online is a living world superhero massively multiplayer online game in which player choices and actions are paramount.

Set at the end of the 21st Century in the fictional city of San Cielo, players take on the roles of heroes and villains who battle using superhuman powers and advanced technology.

Imagine a world full of limitless scientific advancements, immense magical power, and the unfettered potential of the human body and mind. In this world, you choose. You can be the one to step up and save the day; the hero who strives to protect the city and the people who inhabit it.

Or you can be the one to cut a swath of destruction through the populace; the villain who rules the world with an iron fist.

Or perhaps you’re something in between?

SilverHelm Studios announced that Ron Friedman, a former Senior Animator on City of Heroes, will be working with the Valiance Online development team to implement principles used to accomplish the look and feel of a superhero game. Mr. Friedman has also worked on film and game projects for Industrial Light & Magic, Electronic Arts, Namco Bandai, and other companies.

The Valiance Online team announced open pre-alpha testing of the game. Anyone can now download the game and take a look at what has been done so far. Currently available for Windows, a Mac version of the game will be available soon as well.

Key Features:

  • An evolving game world tied to character choices
  • n open world environment with continuous no-loading between zones
  • Travel powers including fan favorites like swinging, acrobatics and flash stepping
  • Over 25 zones planned, ranging from futuristic city, island fortress, Atlantis, subterranean maze, and all the way into space
  • choice through action system for character alignment
  • Player run stores and a decentralized market system
  • Semi-Freeform character build options
  • Powers customization options
  • flexible and customizable UI
  • Multitudes of costume choices
  • Player created content

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