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Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Strategy
Developer: Playdek

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'Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians' Developer Interview #2

by Rainier on Feb. 11, 2014 @ 12:56 a.m. PST

Unsung Story is a tactical RPG that weaves together a complex and rich game world, with inspiring class based tactics game play.

History is written by winners, and tells the tales of heroes. But where there are winners, there are losers, and wars are not won by heroes alone. Behind the veil of history, there are countless stories that lie forgotten. Reliving these hidden tales is the concept behind the Unsung Story.

Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians presents an epic sweep of history through the eyes of the ones that make it, but are overlooked by the passing of time. It presents a fundamental twist on the hero’s story, as it immerses gamers through the experiences of those lashed to the great wheel of history!

Playdek has a Kickstarter campaign going looking for $600,000 to finish development of Unsung Story. With a few more days to go, the developer is 100k short of its goal.

 Q: Will the overall game play be an open-world feel with tactical battles or more like the 'going between towns on a road' feel like FFT?

Yasumi Matsuno: Though the world map will look like Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT) and Tactics Ogre's (TO), with various towns, strongholds, and the like, as the focus of this game will be participating in slices of history, the player will not move from town to town, but from time to time. At any given time, you will have a range of scenarios (i.e. battles) to choose from.

Q: Will there be random battles or will we see the monsters/enemies and be given a choice to charge at them or try to get around them?

Yasumi Matsuno: Since the player will be choosing which battles to participate in, there won't be random battles or an evasion mechanic.

Q: Will there be side quests available?"

Yasumi Matsuno: Not at launch, but side quests will certainly be part of the expansion material we make available in the months following release.

Q: Will there be some level of exploration; along with that if there is will there be a treasure hunting system where you will be able to find and open chests?"

Yasumi Matsuno: There won't be a separate game mode for finding treasures, but you'll be able to find them during battles as with previous games.

Q: FFTA and FFTA2 moved away from Charge/cast times, which I felt heavily took away from the depth of those games. Will Charge/Cast times be a core component of this game? One of my favorite mechanics in FFT was casting time."

Yasumi Matsuno: Sorry, there won't be casting times in this game.In fact, the reason why FFT included a casting time system at all was to allow the game time to load graphic effects. This was a necessary consideration due to PlayStation loading times and memory concerns. Speaking as a developer back in those days, I can tell you that we weren't happy with it.

 Q: During battles will there be randomized events that happen differently each time, such as a third army come to take advantage and attempt to kill both sides?

A: As the central story concept of this game is to replay battles that took place in the history of the world, there won't be truly random events during battle. However, you could well find yourself surprised by unexpected events, like the arrival of a new army, that went unrecorded by the chroniclers of the day.

Q: Will enemies scale with you or will they remain a constant level?

Yasumi Matsuno: Enemy level will be constant. However, there will be five difficulty levels for each stage. Clearing an episode once on the easiest level will unlock the next difficulty level. Though the story of each stage will remain the same on subsequent plays, enemies will be both stronger, and in some cases, entirely different, requiring new strategies of the player. Higher difficulty stages will also give more powerful items as rewards.

Q:The amount of experimental ideas for tactics type games that haven't been explored is insane . . . I'd love to see more clever uses of altitude in the combat field, as in, going beyond simply giving straight up more advantage to those that have the higher ground."

Yasumi Matsuno: No details on this yet, but it's definitely something I'd like to explore.

Q: The "World" system from PSP remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is a fantastic mechanic that I hope can be incorporated in this project.

Yasumi Matsuno: While it won't be exactly the same as the World system from TO:LUCT, there's some similarity in how you will be able to travel freely through different points in the game story's history.

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