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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Platform(s): PC, PSP, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Genre: Sports
Release Date: 2013

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'Pro Evolution Soccer 2014' (ALL) v1.12 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on April 22, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m. PDT

Sporting the new Fox Engine, PES 2014 is totally reworked, throwing off the shackles of previous limitations and allowing the developer to produce a game much closer to their vision of recreating the excitement and variety of a top-level match.

Get the Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 v1.12 Patch Off WP (20mb)

For years, the PES Productions Team has looked at how matches ebb and flow to develop a new approach to football. As a result, PES 2014 will use Kojima Production's renowned FOX Engine at its core. Six central improvements (M.A.S.S., TrueBall Tech, Heart, PES ID, Team Play and Core) combine to establish PES 2014 as a new benchmark in football simulations. They govern everything from the way the player receives and controls the ball, the physicality of play, and the 'feel' of match-day: the rush of euphoria or crushing lows that experiencing an important game can bring.

Details of patch 1.12

  • The below issues were fixed.
    • Master League
      • Sometimes, the transfer fee was incorrectly displayed.
      • Outcomes from transfers negotiations which concluded on transfer deadline day were not displayed.
    • MLO
      • Sometimes, substitutions made during matches were not displayed.
    • Statistics
      • Issues caused by selecting "Cancel" during data pack downloads.
  • Other minor modifications have been made to improve overall gaming experience.
Details of patch 1.07
  • Issues Fixed:
    • All Modes
      • Correct roles can be given to players who are substituted then moved into a different position at the same time.
      • Improvements were made to the sensitivity of cursor movements on the Game Plan screen.
    • Exhibition
      • Users can now correctly select their ML teams in Team Select as opposed to receiving an error stating that the data could not be used as it belonged to another user.
      • Player names will be correctly displayed when team data exported onto a different hardware system is imported (As opposed to DUMMY).
    • Become a Legend
      • £0 wage contracts can no longer be signed. This occurred when a player both submits a transfer request and receives an offer on deadline day of the Transfer Window.
      • The game will now correctly recall search conditions when looking for players.
    • Master League Online
      • Freezing issues following the application of Patch1.06 were fixed.
  • Other minor adjustments were made to improve the overall gaming experience in all other modes.
Details of patch 1.06
  • The following features have been implemented in response to recent user feedback.
    • MATCH
      • More "Camera Settings" are available in the Team Play Lobby in addition to the existing "Vertical" setting.
  • The following issues have been fixed.
    • MATCH
      • Online match results shown after the final whistle were sometimes displayed as [%d].
      • Random player form settings were not correctly applied when playing consecutive matches
      • Once a team's lineup of substitutes had been editted, saved and then loaded again, changes were sometimes lost.
      • Player icons on the pitch would sometimes disappear.
    • EDIT
      • Edited player faces changed when the patch file was implemented.
  • In addition, we've fine-tuned each mode to improve your overall gaming experience.
Details of patch 1.04
  • Additional Online features:
    1. You can now play matches with up to 22 users. Simply select "Team Play Lobby" from [MATCH] to get started.
    2. "Online Competition" has been added to [COMPETITION].
    3. You can now select "Competition" after pressing "Proceed to Match" in Master League Online.
    4. You can now connect PES2014 to your myPES account.
  • Player development has been made more balanced in [FOOTBALL LIFE].
  • Additional Edit features:
    1. You can now import and export teams.
    2. You can now use "Base Copy" when creating players.
  • In addition, adjustments have been made to the many modes featured in this game to improve overall gameplay.
Details of patch 1.01
  • The below features have been added to Online:
    1. Both "Ranking Match" and "Friendly Match" are selectable in "Match".
    2. "Master League Online" is now selectable in "Football Life".
    3. "Online Settings" have been added as a Top Menu Option. This can be used to configure a wide range of online options.
  • Minor adjustments have been made to a variety of modes to improve general gaming experience.

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