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Mark of War

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Warpforged Games

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'Mark of War' Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Trailer

by Rainier on Aug. 25, 2014 @ 5:11 p.m. PDT

Mark of War is a turn-based PC/MAC Wargame where you collect, build, customize, and command armies playing head-to-head battles online.

Being on the PC you will finally be able to see your army march upon the battlefield, hear your heroes issue commands, and watch the animated brutality of clashing swords and shields.

In Mark of War, players take turns commanding their troops across the battlefield until the enemy is defeated or the mission objective achieved.  During a turn you’ll strategically move and position units, claim and defend objectives, pick targets for your archers and war machines to fire upon, cast powerful wizard spells, charge into combat, and battle against enemy heroes!

Warpforged Games announced that it has launched its Mark of War kickstarter campaign, looking for $500,000, allowing fans of tabletop games and turn-based strategy games not only to make this project a reality, but to get in from the start to help develop and steer this groundbreaking game.

A team with decades of video game development experience and a lifelong passion for miniatures, Warpforged Games are proud to finally bring the tabletop gaming experience to your PC or Mac. Inspired by hugely successful tabletop games such as Warhammer, Warpforged have joined forces with best-selling writer and former Games Workshop designer Gav Thorpe to create the world of Mark of War, bringing to life a land ripe for conquest and battle – your conquest, your battles.

Just as victory is in your hands, so is the future of Mark of War. Spread the word and be part of something unique in gaming history.

Key Features

  • Easy to Play / Hard to Master – Simple controls with an intuitive interface ensure easy accessibility so players can focus on mastering the deep strategies of the game.
  • Fast & Tactical – Battles will be fast and bloody, but also filled with deep strategy and tactics requiring even the most grizzled commanders to think twice.
  • Turn-Based – Plan your moves, control the battlefield, exploit your enemies’ weaknesses and crush your opponents with turn-based gameplay.
  • Tabletop Feel – With models on bases, templates used for area attacks, and loads of dice being rolled, Mark of War will bring the complete tabletop wargaming experience to the PC/MAC.
  • Collecting – Battle, adventure, trade, and craft to unlock hundreds of troops, spells, weapons, and armor to add to your personal collection.
  • Build an Army – Build an army of troops, knights, warmachines, monsters, and more to destroy your foes.  Choose which spells your wizards will use and equip your heroes with powerful magic items.
  • Customization – Choose the colors of your army, the patterns of their standards, the music they march to war with, and even the dice you roll.
  • Living World – See your army come to life as it marches upon the battlefield.  Hear your units and heroes issue commands, and witness the devastating spells of your wizards.
  • Competitive Play – Focusing on competition and game balance Mark of War will feature competitive play, ranked games, hosted events, and Grand Tournaments with prizes.
  • New World – Explore and delve into the rich new fantasy world created by the legendary writer and designer Gav Thorpe.

Game Modes

  • Battle – In the standard Battle mode players will be able to fight battles against the AI, other players online and of course connect directly with friends for head-to-head matches.  The mode will also offer a tutorial for the game and helpful advice for even veteran gamers.
  • Ranked Play – Players will fight battles to climb to the heights of the ranked ladder system granting them access to tournaments and unlocking special units and in-game rewards.  Ranked Play will be seasonal with players who have climbed to the highest peak of the ladder receiving limited edition in-game rewards.
  • Tournaments – Tournaments will range from locally hosted events to grand tournaments, regionals, nationals and even annually held world finals with a host of rewards and prizes.  Players will be able to form teams, create their own custom logos and have their games and profiles featured on the front page of Mark of War for everyone to see.
  • Barracks – When players wish to view their collection, build armies, or customize their troops they will do so within the Barracks.  Players will also be able to create and save multiple armies, and view their past achievements.
  • Mercenary – A unique mode where players are challenged to create ad hoc armies from a random selection of troops, spells, and magic items and then battle against other players for rewards.  The more wins a player can rack up the bigger the rewards, but three losses and you’re eliminated.

Expansion Modes

  • Kingdom Campaign: Single player game mode that takes players on an epic and bloody crusade across the realm.  Focusing on a young hero prince from the Kingdom, players will delve deep into the lore, politics, and races of the world as they battle against seemingly insurmountable odds.
  • Map Conquest: Multiplayer game mode where players battle each other for conquest of the realm.  Starting with a small army players will claim territories, gain resources, expand their forces, craft magic items, form alliances, and backstab each other all for the sake of ultimate victory.
  • Siege Warfare: Multiplayer game mode where players can build and defend their own towns, forts, and castles with full-on siege warfare.  New units and mechanics will be added for ladders, grappling hooks, siege towers, moats, boiling oil, battering rams and much more!

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