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Red Ash

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: comcept
Release Date: July 2017

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'Red Ash' Kickstarter Needs Help, Adds PS4 Version As Stretch Goal - Trailer

by Rainier on July 27, 2015 @ 12:38 a.m. PDT

Red Ash is an action adventure game with third person shooter elements, injecting more modern design elements into the classic action adventure RPG formula.

As a result of the Robot World War, humanity is driven to the brink of extinction.  Humanity has managed to persevere and survive, battling now feral robotic weapons at every turn in a world of nothing but wasteland and ruins...

With the advent of Lost Technology, precious legacies of a forgotten era, they have managed to rebuild their society. A wealthy class has emerged, helping to expand these newly formed cities and settlements and living in opulence as a result.

However, their livelihoods are supported by the brave fools who hunt the dangerous ruins and wastelands for Lost Technology. These people are known simply as Delvers.

Red Ash is a very special project: an unprecedented collaboration between anime and gaming companies, working together to create their own unique content based on the same property and characters. These projects are based in separate, yet parallel worlds, giving creators on both sides full freedom to create whatever story or world they want.

The game project will be lead by veteran game creator Keiji Inafune and comcept, while the anime project will boast the distinct style of the critically-acclaimed Studio 4℃. Both teams will shape their own independent works with full creative freedom.

Keiji Inafune's Red Ash kickstarter campaign is in a bit of a bind, with only a week to go it is barely over half way to its funding goal ($470k out of $800k), so if you are interested in the game give it a go.

comcept has recently announced that it will be bringing Red Ash to PS4 as a stretch goal ( $1 million), but of course that means it'll need to reach it's primiary amount in the first place.

The main character, Beck, is tasked with infiltrating the interior of the Mobile Citadel KalKanon, exploring it's village, castle, and hidden dungeons. His goal is to stop KalKanon before the Peacemakers make piecemeal of the whole thing!

  • How are Beck and crew going to stop KalKanon? Is it even possible?
  • What is the "Legendary Legacy" that is rumored to be hidden there? Can Beck get his hands on it, if it truly exists? 
  • Who exactly is this so-called witch that lurks in KalKanon? 

Solving these questions and more are the keys to uncovering the story of KalKanon.

That being said, we also want to include a myriad of elements to set this game apart from your typical RPG--specifically, bargaining between partners, interaction with NPCs, an almost mischievous sense of freedom, and dungeons built with elements of horror.

Of course, a key part of the game will be delving into dungeons to earn money in order to have Call develop parts and upgrade Beck's abilities (in true action RPG fashion).

We have more plans and concepts we would like to implement, and we've integrated those ideas into our stretch goals. This includes making Tyger a playable character, special challenge dungeons, a village reconstruction system and more! The more stretch goals we clear, the closer we can take this game towards its original concept!

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