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Legends of Ellaria

Platform(s): PC
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Larkon Studio Inc.
Release Date: April 1, 2021

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'CivCraft: Legends of Ellaria' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding

by Rainier on Aug. 11, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m. PDT

Legends of Ellaria is a first person adventure and RPG where you can build your own kingdom and fight epic battles, switching between FPS and RTS modes.

The world around you changes depending on your decisions, and it's up to you to choose how to rule your kingdom. You can command armies and build cities in a Real Time Strategy mode, or stay in the First Person Shooter mode and explore the vast and immersive open world by yourself.

You are the rightful king of one of the five clans, and as king, your task is to bring your kingdom back to its former glory by building, expanding, fighting and exploring in the new world of Ellaria. Your task will not be easy, as the other clans has opened their own portals, and are searching for the same thing you are looking for - The Rift Stone. This stone is the source of all magic which is the base of any kingdom’s power. But as you go deeper into Ellaria, you'll find that the ancients have left much more powerful artifacts than you can imagine.

The word “rifts” refers to other worlds that exists beyond our world. Throughout Ellaria, you may find portals in ancient ruins, connecting you to other worlds filled with vast complexes of ruins, cities, artifacts and knowledge. It is unknown how many rifts exist, but it is known that many of them are best left undiscovered, as there are stories of rifts with dark forces, far more dangerous than what you ever faced.

Throughout Ellaria, there is evidence of an ancient and powerful empire that once spanned through several rifts and possessed both knowledge of technology and arcane magic. Though the ancients’ fate is unknown, their ruins and old cities are scattered throughout Ellaria, containing valuable information, artifacts, magic spells and sometimes even gates to other rifts. But beware, you may also find ancient guardians and other dangers in these forgotten places.

After three years of development, this refreshing concept has been launched on Kickstarter and offers you the chance to play CivCraft just a few weeks after the campaign ends.

CivCraft's Kickstarter campaign was launched with the modest sum of 12,500$, but relies on stretch goals that will allow the developers to add even more features to CivCraft, such as espionage, controlled siege weapons, multiple wizard classes, an arena, and tons of improvements to graphics, playability, as well as support for multiplayer and Modding. So far, CivCraft's Kickstarter campaign was backed for almost 50% of the initial goal in less than 24 hours!

The Kickstarter campaign offers unique rewards to CivCraft's backers, such as a special edition, unique artwork and the ability to design your own spells, items, levels, quests and characters inside the world of CivCraft, as well as to place your name in CivCraft's in-game credits!

“As we are an Indie company with a fresh concept, we would like to develop and publish the best game possible and with as many features as we can", said Arik and Adrian, the CEO's of Larkon Studios. "We would like to give you the opportunity to play CivCraft - Legends of Ellaria sooner than the official Steam release, as well as contribute and make suggestions to our developers about which direction we should take CivCraft. This means that the more backers we will have, CivCraft will be published better, quicker and with more features."

Key Features:

  • Switch between First Person and Real Time Strategy at any time. Choose your game style by yourself or by commanding entire armies.
  • Manage your kingdom, build cities and improve their economy. Rule your subjects, and train them to become builders, farmers, warriors or wizards. Use your subjects to expand your kingdom's borders and to conquer or ally with other kingdoms in a non-linear gameplay.
  • Ellaria spans for over 450 square Km, containing many locations, houses and ancient dungeons. Each one - existing or built by you - has a complete interior, as well as items you can take and crafting areas you can use.
  • Your kingdom and its citizens are not just mindless workers. Each citizen in your kingdom has a name and a character. Your citizen will react to you, join you, give you quests and are a part of your story.
  • As part of our RPG system, your character has an alignment that shifts between chaotic evil to lawful good. This alignment will affect your kingdom and anyone you will meet, as well as determine the success of your kingdom.
  • CivCraft has seasons, a day/ night cycle and regions. Each region in Ellaria is affected by its environment. For instance, In times of war, unoccupied forests become dark and menacing and the roads are filled with bandits, but in times of peace and prosperity roads are safe and forests are green.
  • Go on quests and leave your subjects to expand your kingdom by themselves. Or rule them in an easy and intuitive management system. Focus on the main story or create your own. The choices are all yours.
  • Play hundreds of hours of a non linear story that spans from Marra, your previous dimension, through Ellaria, your new found home, and to new and deadly enemies that threaten you from beyond.
  • Experience a new game engine that allows you destroy, level or shape your terrain as you please. Explore a huge land full of magic, enemies and riches.
  • Pick your field of battle and fight against large armies. Use your skills in a real time strategy mode or in a first person mode, expand your kingdom with siege weapons, and wield magic and armies against your enemies and their cities.
  • Be a wizard, builder, or warrior, and develop their classes and subclasses.

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