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Table Top Racing: World Tour

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Racing
Developer: Playrise Digital
Release Date: 2016

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'Table Top Racing: World Tour' (ALL) Includes YO! Sushi Themed Track On PS4 - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 2, 2015 @ 8:36 a.m. PDT

Table Top Racing: World Tour is a new game in the Table Top Racing universe that adds new cars, tracks, shortcuts, power-ups and all kinds of hidden secrets.

Table Top Racing: World Tour will re-invent the Table Top Racing franchise taking full advantage of the latest hardware and software technologies. Playrise will utilize the Unity 5 Engine to take gameplay, physics and graphics to the next level. Racing fans can expect a radical extension to the humor and frenetic gameplay that made the first Table Top Racing so popular, plus a whole new world of multi-player madness, table-top race tracks, super-cool micro-cars, secret shortcuts and of course, incredible new power-ups!

One of the team’s main ambitions is to bring back 'real social gaming' with 4 player split-screen as well as network multiplayer gaming. The team know from first-hand experience, there's nothing better than gaming with friends you're sat right next to! There’s going to be plenty of witty banter, dead-arms and hopefully not so many insults about your parentage!

Playrise Digital is partnering with UK Japanese Sushi restaurant chain 'YO! Sushi' by endorsing one of the race tracks in the PS4 version of Table Top Racing: World Tour.

The ‘YO! Sushi Raceway’ is inspired by YO! Sushi's clean, contemporary, colourful interior design ethos that has become synonymous with their brand and restaurants.

“We love sushi at Playrise and lunchtimes at Liverpool One's ‘YO! Sushi’ branch have become a regular treat for the Playrise team.” commented Nick Burcombe CEO, Playrise Digital, "In the first 'Table Top Racing' game (iOS, Android and Vita), we created a more traditional style oriental themed circuit which turned out to be a firm favourite with gamers. For ‘Table Top Racing: World Tour’ we wanted to take this theme to the next level in terms of design, interactivity and sheer visual fun which makes YO! Sushi and their unique style a perfect fit!”

"We’re so excited to be part of Table Top Racing: World Tour by Playrise” commented Liz Norris of YO! Sushi “The circuit they’ve been creating really brings the spirit of YO! Sushi to life, it’s amazing how they’ve managed to capture it in the game! We can’t wait to give the final version a spin!“

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