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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Developer: ArtCraft Entertainment

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'Crowfall' Unveils Minotaur Myrmidon As Next Playable Character

by Rainier on June 16, 2016 @ 12:08 a.m. PDT

Crowfall is a next-generation massively multiplayer online game with a focus on political alliances and feudal conquest.

Crowfall is a seamless blend of an MMO with a large-scale Strategy game, where players control the universe, to shape as they see fit. Characters are persistent, but the campaign worlds are not. players are Immortal Champions, traveling between realms to fight in an eternal War of the Gods.

Each Campaign World is a server or "realm".  It exists for a limited time – typically 1 to 3 months -- or until some win condition is met. During this time, the World will change.  Each Campaign has four stages: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With each passing season, the World grows more deadly as the land is consumed by an unstoppable legion of undead -- The Hunger.

At the end of Winter, the Campaign is over. A victor is declared, the map is wiped and that World goes offline forever...  ...but the characters are NEVER wiped.  Instead, the participants take their winnings back home to the Eternal Kingdoms, to prepare and strategize for the next Campaign.

ArtCraft Entertainment revealed that Crowfall's next playable archetype will be the Minotaur Myrmidon, and will become playable in an upcoming phase of the on-going pre-alpha test. 

Crowfall plans to have a total of 13 archetypes; to date, six of them are playable: Confessor, Champion, Knight, Legionnaire, Ranger and the recently-added Druid.

The Minotaur Myrmidon is a gender-locked character, only available as a male. Other gender-locked characters are the Guineacean Duelist, the Elken Stalker and the Dwarven Forgemaster. All other archetypes will be available as males and females.

More information about Minotaur Myrmidon's powers and abilities will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.

Minotaur Myrmidon's Backstory

From the Book of Names Chapter 5: 17 to 21

17 All the Sons and Daughters did bless the babe, and his lifegifts were many. 18 A curving bow of oak and silver from his Uncle 19 keen sight and hearing from his Aunt and from the rest: fortune, wits and speed. 20Yet no lifegift did the boy receive from Malekai, the trickster 21 and the Lord of the Dawn was most displeased.

The Book of Names, Chapter 18:31 to 50

31 and in that time the young Sky Hunter was in the woods with his companion Julan, 32 known to be the most wise and skillful of mortal hunters. 33 They came upon the Great Bull, and D’Orion said, “What is this fierce and hateful creature, with hooves of obsidian and eyes of fire?” 34 Julan replied, “The Great Bull is not to be trifled with. We must find another path.” 35 But D’Orion thought to hunt the creature, and swore to make a cloak from his hide.

36 For three moons they tracked it, sleeping by day and stalking by night. 37 At last they came upon the Bull at the Edge of the Sky 38 and the beast, thus cornered, did charge them. 39 The mortal hunter was too slow and he fell to the ground, 40 his skull crushed beneath those obsidian hooves.

41 D’Orion took the great bow, Yearning, and felled the beast with an arrow to the heart. 42 and, as promised, he made from the hide a cloak as dark as night.

43 When Malekai found the carcass, he was sorely displeased. 44 He affixed the head of his pet to the body of Julan the fallen hunter, 45 and spoke the Word of Life into this vessel. 46 He sent the Bullman hunt D’Orion to punish him for his arrogance. 47 And so, too, did he send the sons of Julan 48 and the son’s of Julan’s sons.

49 and Akron said to Malekai, “Why must you do this? Why give chase to my son?” 50 the trickster God replied, “This is my lifegift. The hunter must never forget how it feels to be hunted.”

The Worlds are made of voxels (like Minecraft, only much less blocky) – which means the entire World is destructible. Crowfall's campaign maps are procedurally generated -- meaning that the process of creating every mountain, forest, river, castle and abandoned village is automated.  Each World is different, which means that the game of territorial conquest will be different in every Campaign.

The beginning of each Campaign is like the first round of Civilization: players are dropped into a harsh environment, surrounded by Fog-of-War. The Worlds are filled with deadly monsters, haunted ruins, abandoned quarries... and the most dangerous predator of all, other players. Craft weapons, scavenge armor, secure a stronghold, forge alliances and conquer the World.

There are two types of Worlds in the Crowfall universe: the Campaign Worlds, which produce materials (stone, iron and wood) and the Eternal Kingdoms, which are barren of resources -- but last forever. If each Campaign is like a soccer match, the Eternal Kingdoms encompass the entire season!  Unlike the Campaigns, these Worlds are permanent -- and they are completely managed and owned by the players.

Players act as rulers -- they can divide up their domains into provinces and grant those lands to other players.  Benevolent monarch or iron-fisted tyrant, what kind of kingdom will you rule?

The Eternal Kingdom can be massive -- with mountains and rivers, castles and villages, dungeons and ruins.  They are also devoid of resources: stone, iron and wood.  To gain the resources necessary to build structures and craft items, players will have to participate in Campaigns... or treat with those who do.

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