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Allison Road

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Team17
Developer: Lilith
Release Date: Canceled

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'Allison Road' (ALL) Revived

by Rainier on Aug. 22, 2016 @ 2:29 p.m. PDT

Allison Road is a survival horror game where you wake up one night without any recollection of prior events. Now it is your turn to uncover what happened to your family and face off against the horrors that await in the house…

What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark, in the safety of your own home? If you couldn’t tell what’s real and what’s not?

Over the course of five nights It is your objective to uncover the whereabouts of your family, unravel the mysteries of the house, and face off against Lily and other dark entities that are nested deep within the house, while the clock is relentlessly ticking towards 3:00am.

What would you do if you could feel something stalking you in the dark in the safety of your own home? If you couldn't tell what's real and what's not?

Allison Road, powered by Unreal Engine 4, combines old-school survival horror and adventure game mechanics with next-gen graphics and optional VR support.

Allison Road aborted its Kickstarter last year because its was being picked up by publisher Team17, got canceled a few months ago, and now has been revived.

We're back! :)
It's been a while!

Einstein once famously said "Failure is success in progress".
As any of you who ever tried something new or different know, things don't always go according to plan.
The path to your destination is sometimes littered with hardship and obstacles (being a bit overly dramatic here), but I'd like to think that if you are really passionate about something and you believe in its potential, you owe it to yourself to keep going;

You learn from things that have happened, gain valuable experience and bit by bit you move forward.
I daresay that hardly anything in life is ever straight forward, but the important thing (as many of you have pointed out in the past) is to not give up, learn from the past, keep spirits high and to continue.
And that, in fact, is the easy part if you are really passionate about something.

Like it says in the article, I took a bit of time off Allison Road, went back to work and had a good look at all the stuff that had been done up to that point.
I started making a few changes to the story, a few scribbles here and there, some layout tests and before I knew it it sort of organically picked up pace. Quite funny how these things go sometimes.
It almost felt like coming home. Coming home to a place you've never really left.

I think the one thing that really blew my mind a bit was how great you guys are.
There are a few who've literally been following the game since day 1, a lot have joined somewhere along the way, and quite a few kept getting in touch, asking how things are going etc.
Even after the cancellation! Amazing, really.
I'm quite glad that we're making this (occasionally quite exciting) journey together! :)

So yeah, definitely a heart-felt 'Thank you' for that!!

Moving forward from here I just want you to know that I do plan to post more updates than in the past, however, they have to be quite selective as you can imagine, as I don't want to spoil things.
One thing I also plan to do (which I always quite enjoyed) is to post more workflow stuff. So be prepared!
I think it's always worth sharing tech-tips . God knows what cool little things we might discover to save a draw call here and there, or to stop that nifty uber-shader from adding that one crucial millisecond!

And one thing that I want to point out is that I will give things as much time as they need to be exactly the way they are supposed to be.
I don't want to rush this or do it half-arsed and just get it out there to make some money.
Whoever follows this page since the beginning knows that this always has been a passion project and it will get all the time and attention it needs and deserves. I guess what I'm trying to say is: This might take a while'.

And lastly, hand on heart, I'll try to answer social media posts more regularly. Seriously.

Thank you very much for sticking with AR for so long and... Let's do this!

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