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Cities: Skylines

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Colossal Order Ltd.
Release Date: March 10, 2015

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'Cities: Skylines' Being Used By Stockholm City Planners

by Rainier on Aug. 23, 2016 @ 8:31 a.m. PDT

Cities: Skylines pulls players out of the public transportation offices and grants them the power of true urban planning and development.

Inhabit a world where you define the rules.

Cities: Skylines invites you to create the city of your dreams in a sprawling landscape dominated by cloud hugging structures and jaw dropping architectural marvels.

Create the cities of their dreams in Cities: Skylines, a massive city simulator from the creators of the Cities in Motion series. Vast backdrops and maps provide players with countless ways to improve and expand their cities, building from humble beginnings up to beautiful, cloud-hugging structures and unique architectural marvels. 

You’re only limited by your imagination, so take control and reach for the sky!

Paradox Interactive, a publisher and developer of deep, complex strategy games, is preparing to assist city planners from Stockholm to design and build a new city district using their best-selling city-building game, Cities: Skylines. Norra Djurgårdstaden, one of Europe’s largest urban development projects focusing on long-term sustainability, will be a new city district within Stockholm which will add 12,000 new residences and 35,000 workspaces, providing much-needed growth to a city that has suffered a shortage of accommodations for its increasing population. During a workshop on September 3rd and 4th, the game Cities: Skylines will be used by real-world city planners to explore possible methods for this district to become sustainable, and versatile enough to support the needs of its residents.

The project has been organized by Swedish Building Services, Svensk Byggtjänst, alongside officials from the city of Stockholm and support from Paradox Interactive, publishers of Cities: Skylines. The game, created by Finnish developer Colossal Order, allows players to create and manage a city of their own design, facing the challenges of maintaining civic policies, infrastructure, and traffic congestion as their population grows and their citizens’ needs become increasingly complex.

“More and more people are realizing the potential that games have – they’re already a medium that engages people all of all ages and countries, to develop and influence all aspects of our society. We truly commend the City of Stockholm and The Swedish Building Services in their ambition to find new and forward-thinking ways of solving real societal challenges,” said Susana Meza Graham, COO of Paradox Interactive. “We are thrilled that Cities: Skylines was chosen to help contribute to this change right in our own backyard, and are excited to work with all involved parties to bring this project forward, not in the least our very dedicated community of players and fans.”

Key Features:

  • City policies: Set policies to guide how the city and districts develop over the course of your playthrough.
  • City districts: Personalize city districts with names of your choice for variety and personality.
  • Road building and zoning
  • Unlock buildings and services
  • Taxation: Fine-tuning the city budget and services and setting tax rates to different residential, commercial and industrial levels and controlling what kind of areas are more likely to spawn in the zoned areas
  • Public transportation: Build transport networks throughout the city with buses and metros
  • Outside connections: Make industry and commercial districts flourish with new customers in the neighboring cities
  • Wonders: the ultimate end-game content that the players strive towards
  • Huge maps: Unlock new map tiles with unique possibilities to expand the city
  • Water flow simulation: Add new challenges to water services.
  • Polished visual style and core gameplay
  • Modding tools: Built in feature designed to encourage creative pursuits.

Cities: Skylines is now available for purchase for $29.99, with a deluxe edition available for $39.99 that includes five in-game historical monuments

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