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July 2018

Destination Primus Vita

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Epsilon Games
Release Date: March 2018

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'Destination Primus Vita' Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 14, 2017 @ 9:37 a.m. PST

Destination Primus Vita is an episodic first-person, narrative puzzle game, in a sci-fi setting.

Get ready to live the extraordinary experience of our SIX crew members aboard the Beaufort ship, en route for Primus Vita.

Destination Primus Vita is a video game featuring narrative and traditional puzzles set in a science-fiction universe. The world is a dreamlike construct created from the protagonist’s world, thoughts, and feelings while in cryosleep on the way to the planet Primus Vita.

In the year 2353, no one on Earth was optimistic about the future of humanity. But the biggest threat turned out to be something else entirely. Aliens invaded, and within five days, stole almost all of our water, and left us for dead.

But we survived.

Epsilon Games, founded in 2017 by former Ubisoft developers who worked on multiple titles in the Prince of Persia, Far Cry and Assassin's Creed franchises, have launched a kickstarter campaign, looking for $39,240, to fund the first episode of Destination Primus Vita.

Destination Primus Vita is scheduled for March 2018.

In the year 3044, a team of six humans travel to the planet Primus Vita to retrieve precious water that was stolen from them hundreds of years ago. A space voyage of 4 years in cryosleep awaits them.

After the arrival of previous teams on Primus Vita, the World Space Agency (WSA) noted that these long periods of cryosleep caused memory loss, depression and an overall loss of cognitive abilities in the soldiers and scientists who undertake these missions. To combat this problem, NIM, the AI on the Beaufort, created a way to stimulate the sleeping minds of their team members by making them live the Train experience.

The player will have to explore the environment and find clues, collect items that tell stories, and talk with the other characters to deepen and strengthen their relationships.

The other characters will also give you clues to help you solve the puzzles - like in real life, where sometimes you need help from your friends to overcome difficult challenges!

The members of the Crew are:

  • Austin Blair, the quantum physics scientist working hard to find a way to confront the Primevitans; 
  • Coby Blair, the capable lieutenant - also Austin's little brother;
  • Artemis Gracco, the wild, but sensitive GI, and Coby's best friend;
  • Hayao Mutsami, the zen - but drug-dependent - botanist;
  • BrX Stewart, the mountain of muscles with a dark past;
  • Geny Obomsawin, our communications expert, much more curious about the Primevitans then anyone else.

Each character will have a different setting, depending on what their main task will be on Primus Vita. NIM will project some environments and situations that the characters might encounter on Primus VIta.

As mentioned earlier, the player will have two main goals: solve all the puzzles, and enhance all relationships. To solve the puzzles, the player will have to find clues in the environment, but also in their memories.

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