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September 2018

Guardians of Ember

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: Gameforge
Developer: Runewaker
Release Date: 2018

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'Guardians of Ember' Free Steam Weekend Kicks Off Today

by Rainier on Nov. 3, 2017 @ 7:10 a.m. PDT

Guardians of Ember is a combination of hack’n slash and traditional MMORPG with a focus on action-oriented combat in PVE and PVP as well as near endless character optimization.

After the success of Dragon’s Prophet and Runes of Magic, upcoming hack and slash/MMORPG hybrid Guardians of Ember will take on the mantle from Runewaker Entertainment’s past hits. The game offers a classic hack and slash experience with enormous hordes of enemies, deep crafting and enchanting systems, strong questline and exciting boss battles. To mix things up, Guardians of Ember comes with Runewaker’s signature-features like a housing system and the unique dual-class system.

After years of war the world of Olyndale has descended into chaos.

As a Guardian of Ember, your brotherhood marks the last line of defense against a dark menace. Sinister forces threaten the land and can only be stopped by the ancient Ember. The future of Olyndale lies on your shoulders. It is your fate - and your duty - to retrieve the magic stone and bring back peace to Olyndale.

Choose from six different classes and extend your skill set by selecting a secondary class after reaching level 15. A variety of 58 different regions with over 60 randomized and challenging dungeons await, where you battle against monsters, mortals and the living dead during your crusade to retrieve the Ember; different PvP modes as well as more than 300 skills and thousands of items will guarantee hours of exciting gameplay, extended by regular content updates.

Just a few weeks after leaving Early Access, Insel Games opens up Guardians of Ember to a broader audience, giving players the opportunity to check out the game before buying.

Through the whole weekend players can try out each of the six different classes, create unique builds with more than 300 skills and a dual class system at their disposal. Fans of traditional MMOs will enjoy features like housing, crafting, fishing and can use the Group Finder to make new friends. More action awaits the brave heroes of Olyndale as they slash their way through hordes of enemies, level up, and tackle randomized and instanced dungeons in the new nightmare mode together with their allies or alone. Now is the time to grab a friend and explore every corner of Olyndale and not only take part in Public Events but in special events put on especially for the occasion as well. All progress made during the free weekend will carry over should players decide to dive in and buy the game so that they can keep on leveling up their heroes as they continue their adventures against the Black Army. 

Guardians of Ember is available in German, English, and Spanish on Steam in three editions: the Starter Edition (14,99€/13,99$), the Deluxe Edition (29,99€/28,99USD) and the Ultimate Edition (59,99€/56,99USD) that includes, among other additional items, an exclusive Golden Crane mount.
For the duration of the Free Weekend, the Deluxe and the Ultimate Edition are discounted by 50%. A full French translation is planned for release in the very near future.

Key Features:

  • Dual class system: choose a second class after reaching level fifteen 
  • Nearly unlimited character optimization: a total of four races, six classes, 300 active and seventy-two  passive skills
  • Extended PvE action: randomized dungeons with individual difficulty settings
  • Deep crafting and enchanting systems: design your perfect equipment
  • Housing system: decorate your own home with hundreds of interior items and hire house sprites for bonuses
  • Engaging questline with over hundreds of missions plus daily missions
  • Various PVP options: fight in 1vs1, 3vs3, 5vs5 - ranked and unranked matches

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