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Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: InselGames
Developer: Nuri Works
Release Date: Q4 2017

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'Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan' Available On Steam Early Access - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 14, 2017 @ 9:10 a.m. PST

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is a sci-fi hack'n slash MMORPG that boasts MOBA-style Skill and Hero Systems rounded out by a variety of PvP modes and raid dungeons for up to 15 players.

Wild Buster is a Sci-Fi Action MMORPG with a heavy focus on a range of PvP mechanics. By joining either the human Guardians or the mutant Abandon factions, players will be able to choose from more than 12 characters, all with a varied spectrum of skills for unique play styles, that allow players to adopt a variety of roles more commonly found in MOBAs rather than in MMORPG environments. While facing a mutual enemy, Guardian and Abandon fighter will inevitably square off against each other for resources, in guild battles, when participating in the Squad League, or by intercepting each other during epic dungeon raids. 

Set in a war-torn solar system, players chose one of more than a dozen heroes from two rival factions, Guardians or Abandon, in order to take on the common threat of the Brokken, an aggressive cyborg race bent on dooming the few remaining humans to the same bleak half-man-half-machine fate. The heroes of both factions differ in both background and abilities, and call for distinctly different playstyles. The Guardians, a military organisation who rely on strict discipline and training, will most likely team up to attack in an organised role-based squad. Alternatively, the Abandon, a motley crew of unbound mutants, make the perfect lone wolves and are experts in utilizing weapons and gadgets to survive even in the harshest environments. Each hero has a distinct set of unique abilities such as a sniper rifle or a strong combat pet which make strategic team composition paramount to mastering the game. Nevertheless, both factions allow for extensive group play, especially with the guild system for which guild battles between factions and unique headquarters (Wild Buster’s take on guild halls) are under development. 

Publisher Insel Games and developer Nuri Works release Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan via Steam Early Access today, thus entering the next phase of its development cycle after several closed Alpha and Beta tests.

Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan is available on Steam in three editions which are enjoying a 20% launch discount: the Founder Edition (22,99€/24,99$), the Deluxe Edition (36,99€/39,99USD) and the Ultimate Edition (59,99€/69,99USD) which includes exclusive in-game items like mounts and pets.

Players can still purchase special packages with rewards ranging from t-shirts to the chance to name bosses and “meet & greets” with the development team via the Indiegogo campaign.

Wild Buster offers a challenging and fast paced combat system, unique skills per hero as well as a dodging system to evade bosses’ attacks during an action packed and hectic battle. Only those keeping an eye on their health and stamina bar might be able to save themselves from a critical hit. For extra backup, players can form groups of five to fend off the sinister cyborgs of the Broken, no matter which faction they belong to, because in Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan players from both factions can team up to maximize their damage.

The guild system and Raid dungeons offer more co-op possibilities and by mastering the crafting system players can enhance their loot to the max. The heroes of Titan do not only need to overcome difficult challenges in PvE, the real deal takes place in the PvP arena mode “Squad League”, where players compete in 5v5 matches in a play of power to determine which team is best. 

Key Features:

  • More than twelve heroes with unique play styles: Choose either the military Guardians or radiation-stricken Abandon and level up your hero to unlock a variety of skills for enhanced team play and replayability
  • Dungeons: Enjoy a variety of different dungeons with three levels of difficulty, Raid Dungeons for up to 15 players or Defend Dungeons with endless waves of enemies
  • Extensive PvP options: Fight the other faction in open PvP zones, compete against rival players in shared dungeons or grab the most resources in specific maps
  • Squad League: A unique Battle Arena, with 5 vs 5 fights and Battle Royale mode, including ranking and a special Elite League for maxed out players (Level 50)
  • Rank level system: increase your account-wide level beyond the character level to get extra attribute bonuses
  • Full MMO Features: Auction House, Group Finder, Crafting and Enchanting, Fishing and Mining

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