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July 2018

Good Company

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Chasing Carrots
Release Date: Late 2018

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'Good Company' Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Dec. 18, 2017 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

Good Company is a single- and multiplayer management simulation about building, automating and optimizing a robot manufacturing empire, set in a colorful 80s-inspired world.

The players start their company in a garage and with time and more workers, duties shift. Training managers to organize the growing staff, while the players optimize processes and design robots to please market needs. Robots can eventually even replace the employees. To what extent is up to the players. But success is not only about profit: It is also about reputation, as a boss, and as a corporation.

Key Features:

  • Optimizing production processes
  • Designing robots to meet global needs
  • RobOS – a hub for various tasks
  • Stock trading and marketing
  • Competing against rivaling companies
  • Moral decisions while leading a company
  • Playing alone or in co-op with friends

The development of the automation focused Good Company will be a community-driven open development with releasing early prototypes on starting Q1 2018.

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