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Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Games Farm
Release Date: March 28, 2017 (US), March 24, 2017 (EU)

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'Vikings: Wolves of Midgard' (ALL) Gets Dated - Trailer

by Rainier on Feb. 14, 2017 @ 4:56 p.m. PST

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is a bold new IP that will pit Action RPG fanatics against the most legendary of all mythological conflicts: Ragnarok.

Legend has it, that when the coldest winter descends, the Jotan will return to take their vengeance against the Gods of Asgard. The world is on the road to perdition and the fate of Midgard hangs in the balance. But when the Fire and Frost Giants begin to merge their armies, they encounter the clan of the Ulfung – the Wolves of Midgard. Bloody, but unbowed following the destruction of their village, this notorious band of ostracized Viking warriors are determined to seize their destiny and save the world. As clan chief, you must save Midgard from complete annihilation, and spearhead the charge to vanquish the fiendish creatures of the Fimbulwinter.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard will transport you to the Shores of Midgard, a world based upon the mythology and history of the Vikings. Battle the fearsome Jotan, hordes of terrifying undead monstrosities and other myriad beasts of Ragnarok, either on your own or by teaming up with a friend via the online co-op multiplayer mode. Master mighty weapons, including sword and shield, two-handed hammers, dual-wielded axes and swift bows. Earn blood in battle to offer in tribute to the Gods in order to acquire and enhance devastating Spell Powers and other special unlockables. As well as the regular story mode (and New Game+), players can also test their mettle in the ‘Trials of the Gods’ – a special challenge mode that rewards the best warriors with special equipment and runes.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard will be available on 24th March 2017 for PC (Steam) globally and the European PC and console retail/digital market, March 28, 2017 (PS4/XOne) in North America.

To challenge the endless evil forces, your fully customizable Viking warrior or shieldmaiden will have to master several weapon styles and magical abilities as you battle increasingly challenging enemies and boss encounters. Combat styles include sword and shield, two-handed hammer, staff, bow, and dual axes. You’ll also collect resources and special runes on your adventures. Use the game’s in-depth crafting system to upgrade your equipment.

Dedicated explorers will also be able to find fragments of legendary armor and weapons tucked away in each of the levels to unlock the most powerful gear in the game. Alongside items and resources, the other key resource you’ll be harvesting is blood, used to level up and earn Gift points, which in turn unlock special powers called Gifts of the Gods.

Arguably the most important ability in every player’s arsenal is Rage mode, where you descend into a bloodthirsty rampage, enhancing many of your stats and abilities and granting several other bonuses. Just like your other abilities and weapons, Rage can also be upgraded for added effects, like ignoring enemy defenses, rendering you immune to environmental hazards, or increasing the rate of critical hits.

Enemies of all shapes and sizes are tough enough, but the boss encounters will force you to think tactically, with quick reflexes and perfect management of your abilities required to win. Even the environment is against you — freezing cold, poisonous fog, and scorching heat are just some of the hazards that can cause damage, slow your movements, and other detrimental effects. We call this the Exposure system, and to combat it you’ll need to find safe zones to balance out your vitals — such as campfires when exploring colder climes.

If all that is sounding like the odds are stacked against you, then you’ll be glad to know that we’ve also included support for two-player online co-op, which we’ve found is great for redirecting the blame when it all goes wrong.

Aside from the main campaign, we’ve included New Game+ mode so that you can progress your character to the maximum of their abilities, master all the available weapon sets, and collect every last bit of gear. And then there’s The Trials of the Gods, a mode where you can earn extra special rewards like new equipment and runes by surviving against waves of monsters and bosses.

Key Features

  • Fantasy Meets Nordic Mythology: Travel the realms of earthly Midgard, freezing Niflheim and boiling Balheim, either as a fierce Viking warrior or merciless shieldmaiden.
  • The Deadly Fimbulwinter: Withstand the deathly colds and protect yourself from exposure to nature’s wrath in order to survive.
  • Tribute to the Gods: Collect blood from fallen enemies and sacrifice it at the altar to gain gifts from the Gods to enhance your powers.
  • Berserker Rage: Let your anger take hold by activating Rage Mode to overwhelm your enemies in bloodthirsty combat.
  • The art of combat: Perfect your skills with each weapon to unlock their true potential, including swords, bows and spell-powered canes.
  • The Power of the Gods: Make the abilities of the Gods your own by equipping power-infused amulets, like the Talismans of Thor or Loki. Put your new skills to the test by competing in the Trials of the Gods to earn further rewards.
  • Teamwork: Team up with a friend and journey to the Shores of Midgard together in an epic two player online co-op mode. Choose between four difficulty levels to suit your skills and talents. Do you dare attempt the unrelenting hardcore mode?
  • The Clan of Wolves: Restore and rebuild your village and lead your clan to glory. Upgrade buildings such as weaponsmith, armourer, runesmith, and mead hall to unlock more content and better equipment.
  • Legendary Weapons: Gather the scattered fragments of mythical weapons and armors to take on the most fearsome creatures of the realms.
  • A Class of its Own: Become even more powerful in the next life by attempting New Game+, and push your Viking warrior or shieldmaiden to their limit.
  • Destructible Environments: Utilize your surroundings by burying your foes under falling rocks or pushing them off high cliffs.

Steam users will be available to pre-purchase Vikings: Wolves of Midgard at a 15% discount shortly, and will secure an exclusive pack containing an additional outfit for both male and female warriors, consisting of an additional tattoo, hairstyle and clan symbol, as well as a new beard style for male characters and tribal jewellery for female characters. Also included is a digital artbook showcasing a range of stunning illustrations and paintings, and a digital soundtrack featuring the game's sweeping, atmospheric musical score.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard will launch March 28, 2017

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