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Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Rockfish Games
Developer: Rockfish Games
Release Date: May 26, 2017

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'Everspace' (ALL) Early Access Update Adds New Race, Portals, Fixes, Tweaks, And Release Date

by Rainier on April 13, 2017 @ 8:15 a.m. PDT

Everspace is a roguelike 3D space shooter with a non-linear story and fast-paced shooter gameplay.

In Everspace, players awaken on board a battleship in a remote corner of our galaxy. They receive a mysterious command to appear at a specific place. Searching for the origins of their own existence and the unknown commander, they must fight their way through more and more new, uncontrolled territories where they will encounter other skilled combat pilots, who range from cooperative to hostile. Death will be a constant companion and constantly recurring flashbacks of the protagonist will gradually shine a light in the darkness of the mission.

During the course of the game, players will not only have to continually prove their combat skills, but also gather fuel and raw materials in order to travel to various star systems and repair and upgrade their equipment. The roguelike character of the game offers a quick and easy entry to the game and adds constant twists and surprises to the game events. Along with gameplaying skills, this also demands improvisation by players and provides an individual, always motivational game experience. Unlike in classic roguelikes, game progress is not completely lost at the moment of death, but rather remains available in the form of persistent upgrades.

In the latest update, players will encounter the remnants of a mysterious alien race known only as “The Ancients.” Ruins built by the technologically-advanced race hold teleporters that work as shortcuts, letting players skip some locations on their journey. The ruins also contain valuable Glyphs, which function similarly to the previously introduced Sub-Routines but with far more fantastical effects, affecting overall playstyle immensely. Getting these Glyphs will not be an easy task: players must first confront the mysterious Ancients themselves.

Functional cockpit displays have also been added for all player ships.  In addition to extant HUD elements, players will now be able to see the component damage overview of their ship, as well as information about locked targets. With this addition also comes an option for purists to turn off the HUD elements entirely in first person mode and rely solely on cockpit instrumentation.

The popular Colonial Gunship, already upgraded in previous releases, gets another new and exclusive device: the Missile Turret. This mighty piece of equipment automatically fires salvos of powerful homing projectiles, with the downside of having a longer reload time between shots.

Along with these massive additions, the newest update fixes occasional crashes encountered on the Xbox One in the recently-added Colonial Stations, includes backer names from the crowdfunding campaign in several game locations, and significantly enhances the game’s overall performance and visual quality.

As of now, version 0.7 is ready to download on Steam,, Xbox One, and on the Windows Store.

Version 0.5 and 0.6 fell off the back of a gigantic space truck, if you're wondering. Kidding aside, a lot of comments indicated that version numbers were often being associated with completion percentage (though they're really just numbers to us), so we've decided to play along and go with version 0.7 - as the inclusion of the functional cockpits, the Glyphs and the Ancients are all big additions and we're fast-approaching full release.

New Features

  • Added mysterious alien race, referred to as "The Ancients"
  • Added ancient structures, which work as shortcuts
  • Added Glyphs, the second kind of Enhancements
  • Added functional, animated cockpit displays for all player ships
  • Added option to hide HUD in cockpit view
  • Added new device: Missile Turret
  • Tweaked derelict colonial stations to get better performance and avoid crashes
  • Containers carried by freighters now have individual looks (Credits, equipment, fuel...)
  • New animated Jump Suppressor Mesh
  • Reworked Missile Defense System to have an active duration rather than requiring manual activation
  • Prolong time until Okkar forces arrive after alert is shown and don't let them have jump suppressors
  • Removed Collision Damage subroutine and added it as positive effect for Infinite Drift subroutine
  • Changed sensory overload subroutine so that hull and shield bars are not shown anymore instead of okkar forces arriving earlier
  • Further decreased inertia dampening for Infinite Drift subroutine
  • Changed weapon names and descriptions of all primary weapons that had a 'II' suffix
  • Renamed a few subroutines
  • Okkar forces and Colonial warships now won't be able to track you down in cloud field locations
  • Shields now start with 0 hp and immediately regenerate when picked up
  • Increased Plasma Mine life time and prevent triggering by user
  • Increased Front Shield Generator cooldown duration
  • Increased Time Extender cooldown duration and decreased Mk2 & Mk3 effect duration
  • Increased Beam Laser II charge duration
  • Let pursuing Okkar forces drop inferior loot with a tendency towards fuel
  • List backer names in credits
  • Use backer-penned names for players and most wanted criminals
  • Included backer corporation names in codex and equipment descriptions
  • Reduced Scout hitpoints - starts with 250 (instead of 300) and can only go up to 355 with hull hitpoints perk now
  • Reduced colonial station laser trap hull damage
  • Forcefield generators are no longer affected by area damage
  • Optimized overall performance
  • Some minor UI changes
  • Tweaked color grading to work better in some environments
  • Outlaw Chief is now called Outlaw Bomber
  • Fixed Drone Override that was not working
  • Fixed bug where the Shield Booster would actually increase the Shut Down Duration and Recharge Delay instead of decreasing it
  • Fixed some dialogs not being spoken and not being affected by voice volume change
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to navigate out of the item action box with in equipment screen
  • Fixed a bug where the game crashed when looting devices with installed mods from your old shipwreck
  • Fixed Grey Goo not spawning
  • Fixed subroutine spawner not disappearing if all subroutines have been collected
  • Fixed subroutine Beeline not removing homing ability from player's missiles
  • Fixed subroutine Jump Repairs not restoring the correct amount of health
  • Fixed not being able to scroll perk description box with right stick
  • Fixed some perk values falsely rounded to integer values
  • Fixed deadlock when pressing tab before selecting jump destination
  • Fixed freighter wrecks not being affected by scanning
  • Fixed crafting list focus jumping between entries while crafting multiple items
  • Fixed weapon charge sound still playing when switching weapons while charging

The full release of Everspace will arrive on May 26, 2017, and feature a fully voice-acted story with several thoughtfully designed characters, situation-based events, as well as the Hardcore Mode and full VR support for Oculus Rift/HTC Vive, and will retail for $39.99 / €36.99 / £29.99.

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