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Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: RPG/Action
Developer: Supergiant Games
Release Date: July 25, 2017

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'Pyre' (ALL) Gets Release Date, PC Specs - Screens

by Rainier on May 30, 2017 @ 3:35 p.m. PDT

Pyre is a party-based role-playing game in which you lead a band of exiles through an ancient competition spread across a vast, mystical purgatory.

Pyre showcases our small team’s commitment to rich atmospheric presentation and storytelling, along with a distinctive gameplay blend that combines expressive decision making on the world map with fast, action-packed confrontations against rival groups of exiles whose own freedom is at stake. We want to create a large cast of characters you can grow close to as you travel together across a strange and wondrous land.

At the beginning of the game, your luck has almost run out when several masked wanderers find you and revive you from the brink. With your help, they seek to learn the truth about the Rites, a secretive competition through which the worthiest exiles can return home, absolved of their transgressions.

As you journey across the Downside in the wanderers’ custom blackwagon, you’ll meet a variety of characters of all shapes and sizes, and learn what’s at stake for each of them should they prevail in the Rites. Your actions will determine who returns to glory, and who remains in exile to the end of their days.

On top of the single-player campaign, Pyre features a local two-player Versus Mode, which lets you play against a friend (or CPU opponent) in one of the game's fast-paced ritual showdowns. You'll be able to form your triumvirate from more than 20 unique characters you'll meet in the campaign, and customize your Rite in a variety of ways -- configuring your characters' abilities, choosing from a variety of stages each with their own distinct effects on gameplay, and more. We think this adds a great deal of lasting value to the game, and we've been having a great time playing it ourselves, trying out every possible character combination we can think of.

Pyre will launch on July 25, 2017, and interested fans can pre-order it right now (PS4 or PC) and get 10% off the $19.99 retail price.

The ritual competitions in Pyre play out like a one-on-one competitive action game. The object is to extinguish your opponent’s ceremonial flame, by grasping an object called the Celestial Orb then diving into the flames with it, or simply throwing it in.

You have at your disposal three different exiles, though just one is permitted to move at any given time (you can switch control between them instantly). You can slip past your opponents by sprinting or leaping over them. You also have a defensive aura that banishes your foes on contact, or can be cast like a projectile attack. Each of the different characters has his or her own unique attributes and special abilities. Which characters you bring into the field, along with the variety of unique environments, make it so no two Rites play out the same way.

Pyre's Versus Mode pits you and your opponent against each other in local head-to-head competition. This arcade-style experience is well suited to Pyre’s gameplay, and ever since Bastion we’ve wanted to make a game you could play with a friend in the same space.

As for online play, Supergiant Games hasn’t made a decision yet on whether online play makes sense given everything else we’re doing on Pyre with our small team. The devs think bad online multiplayer is worse for a game than no online multiplayer, and promise to do what’s best for the game as a whole.

In Pyre you will also be able to play Versus Mode single-player against the computer.

The PC system requirements are:

OS: Windows 7
CPU: Dual Core 3.0ghz
Memory: 4GB of RAM
GPU: 1 GB of VRAM / Intel HD 4000 or better
Disk Space: 7GB

The Linux system requirements are:

OS: glibc 2.17+, 32/64-bit
CPU: Dual Core 3.0ghz
Memory: 4GB of RAM
GPU: OpenGL 4.2+ support
Disk Space: 7GB

The Pyre Original Soundtrack will be available at launch for $9.99, on Steam and this web site. It will feature more than 90 minutes of music created for the game by Supergiant's Darren Korb, with additional vocals by Ashley Barrett.

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