War Tech Fighters

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Publisher: Green Man Gaming
Developer: Drakkar Dev
Release Date: July 25, 2018

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'War Tech Fighters' Announced - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on June 1, 2017 @ 5:02 p.m. PDT

War Tech Fighters is a rapid fire, mecha-in-space, action blockbuster game.

Fear comes from all angles, but when you’re placed in the seat of a state-of-the-art ballistic behemoth and forced to effortlessly slice through an oncoming enemy spaceship with your high intensity, energised lazer sword, fear comes at you fast.

Will you fight that fear? Will you revel in the new found power of your devastating automaton equipped with hundreds of upgradable parts and customisation options? Will you dropkick the next spaceship that comes your way into oblivion or will you be on the receiving end of a bombarding barrage of ballistic missiles aimed squarely at your face? Will you let some amateur mech, built from the scrap pile, sucker punch you into orbit or will you tear them apart with the fury of a raging battle bot screaming to the astral heavens WTF JUST HAPPENED!! 

Travelling across the galaxy, the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares join forces to battle against the Zatros empire with the deadliest weapons ever built – War Techs. Taking space combat to a whole new level, War Techs are giant mechs that combine cold precision and state of the art technology to the battlefields of space.

War Tech Fighters is a space action game that combines the spectacular action of Japanese Anime with Hollywood Blockbusters. Configure, upgrade and customize your War Tech and dive into battle to fight back the Zatronian forces and save your Galax.

Manlio Greco, Lead Developer at Drakkar Dev said “With War Tech Fighters, we wanted to create the mecha game we always wanted – a love letter to Japanese Anime, crossed with the bombastic action of Hollywood Blockbusters. By bringing the game to Early Access, we can fine tune the balance in the game, and deliver an awesome action game for die hard mecha fans.”

Gary Rowe, EVP of Publishing at Green Man Gaming said ‘War Tech Fighters is a raw action game, unlike anything else we have on the publishing roster here at Green Man Gaming. As soon as we saw the game, we knew it was a passion project from a team of dedicated developers, and we wanted to help them bring awesome mech action to PC gamers.’

War Tech Fighters explodes onto Early Access later this year with the opening hours of a relentlessly over the top single player campaign that may very well be the love child of Michael Bay and Evangelion by way of a nuclear powered food blender. You’ll lead the assault on Zatros with literal iron fists as you pilot your War Tech, a fully equipped, spaceship shredding war machine, built to fight for the rebel colonies of Hebos and Ares to reclaim your homeland.

War Tech Fighters is launching with a nightmarish survival arena and a set of simulation challenges designed to test your combat skills, where you can win upgrades for your magnificent metal monsters. WTF pushes the Unity engine to the limit to deliver hardcore, badass mech action on PC. 

Key Features in Early Access

  • Control A Fully Equipped War Tech - Destroy your enemies in long-range combat with guns and missiles, or get up close and personal with swords and shields.
  • Customization - Hundreds and thousands of combinations of mech parts, weapons and colors to truly stand out on the battlefield.
  • Upgrades - Three base robot sets, each with specific bonuses, and over 150 upgradable robot parts.
  • Research & Development - Research new upgrade projects to enhance your War Tech, and develop weapons ranging from missile launchers to anti-matter cannons.
  • Level Up - Gain experience through combat to level up your War Tech pilot to gain improved attack/defence bonuses.
  • Intense Single Player Missions - Experience the first 12 missions of Captain Nathan Romanis’ battle across the galaxy.
  • Simulator Bridge - Train your War Tech by replaying missions, or take on special Challenges to gain experience and add-ons to improve your machine.
  • Survival Mode - Test yourself to the limit in an infinite survival mode arena, and walk away with special rewards.

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