Need for Speed Payback

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Ghost Games
Release Date: Nov. 10, 2017

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'Need for Speed Payback' (ALL) Customization Lets You Build Vintage Cars From Scrap - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on July 26, 2017 @ 9:03 a.m. PDT

Need for Speed Payback is an explosive action/adventure driving game filled with intense heist missions, high stakes car battles, epic cop pursuits and jaw dropping set pieces.

Your car is at the center of everything you do. Craft unique rides with deeper performance and visual customization than ever before. From intense missions to high stakes car battles to jaw dropping set piece moments, Need for Speed Payback delivers an edge-of-your-seat, action-driving fantasy.

It's blockbuster gameplay never before seen from the series, fueled by a gripping story of betrayal and revenge. With Need for Speed Payback, it's no longer just about being the first to cross the finish line or racing to prove to be the best, it's about building the perfect ride, getting behind the wheel and playing out an action driving fantasy.

Set in the underworld of Fortune Valley, players will drive as three distinct characters reunited by a quest for vengeance against The House, a nefarious cartel that rules the city's casinos, criminals and cops. They will take on a variety of challenges and events as Tyler, the Racer; Mac, the Showman; and Jess, the Wheelman to earn the respect of the underground. Featuring the deepest customization from the series, players can truly craft a personalized and unique ride, or spend hours finding and tuning an abandoned derelict into a supercar. They can then push their cars to the limit and raise the stakes by betting on their own performance, where they can either multiply their winnings or risk losing it all.

The trailer reveals more details on one of the franchise’s most popular features: a deep and robust car customization system. For the first time in the history of Need for Speed, the developers are introducing “derelicts” in the game, allowing players to discover classic vintage vehicles and build them from scrap, to stock, to one-of-a kind supercar beasts.

There’s nothing better than creating your own one of a kind car but what if you could take that one step further and build it from scrap? In Need for Speed Payback we’re adding a new type of car, something we’re calling Derelicts.

Derelicts are cars that you build up, from nothing but scrap, to stock and ultimately supercar. But to start any Derelict project, you’re going to need to find a chassis, from there on your one of a kind ride awaits.

Once you’ve found a chassis you’ll see it in your garage, waiting for you to find the parts that make it complete. If you don’t have an open slot available you’ll be prompted to finish or cancel your existing project or acquire an additional garage.

Alongside the chassis you’ll also need to locate four other parts; wheels, drivetrain and two unique parts that are specific to your chosen Derelict build. Each of the five parts that make up a Derelict can be found hidden throughout Fortune Valley.

You’ll be able to choose one Derelict project at a time to track and by doing so you’ll find clues and pointers showing where the parts you need may be located. The exact location will be up for you to pinpoint, get out there and explore.

You’ve found your chassis, wheels, drivetrain and two unique parts, what next? This is where the fun really starts and you take your Derelict from Scrap to Stock. Once you’ve completed a Derelict project you’ll have the option to convert it into a drivable car. More importantly you’ll be given the choice of turning it into one of the five car classes.

Unlike regular cars, Derelicts have the ability to be each and every car class available. Ever wanted to turn a Chevrolet Bel Air into a off-road racing monster? Well now’s your chance, but choose wisely, once your decision has been made there’s no going back.

Once you’ve selected your car class your Derelict will now be a fully drivable car and will act and have the same options available as a regular car. Visually customize it, apply performance parts and give it a wicked paint job. This wouldn’t be Need for Speed if we didn’t push things a little bit further and that’s where Super Builds come in.

Upgrade your Derelict to Tier 3 and you’ll be able to turn it into a Super Build . Allowing you to unlock more extreme visual customization, turning what was once a piece of scrap into an absolute beast.

Once you’ve completed your Derelict the original stock version will become available at one of the dealerships. For example, you turn your Ford Mustang 1965 into an off-road animal but want to add a race version to your collection? Head to the dealership that specializes in classic cars, hand over your cash and the car is yours.

In total there are five Derelict projects for you to complete. The Chevrolet Bel Air 1955, Ford Mustang 1965, NISSAN Fairlady ZG 1971, Chevrolet C10 Stepside Pickup 1965 and the Volkswagen Beetle 1963.

Get out there, start your Derelict project and turn it from Scrap, to Stock to Supercar.

For players that pre-order the game, they will receive the Need for Speed Payback Platinum Car Pack and get instant access to five uniquely customized and tuned iconic cars at launch, each with exclusive† Platinum Blue Tire Smoke. The Car Pack includes:

  • Nissan 350Z 2008
  • Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967
  • Dodge Charger R/T 1969
  • Ford F-150 Raptor 2016
  • Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 2016

For drivers who want to get the extra edge over the competition, the Need for Speed Payback Deluxe Edition gives players up to three days of early access to the full game, along with exclusive customization items such as the Deluxe Edition license plate and NOS color, in-game discounts, Rep bonuses, everything the Platinum Car Pack has to offer, and more.

Players can also get into the action before launch through EA Access and Origin Access, where members can play for up to 10 hours starting Thursday, November 2nd with the EA Access and Origin Access Play First Trial. EA Access and Origin Access members receive a 10% discount when they purchase a digital version of Need for Speed Payback. Need for Speed Payback Deluxe Edition owners will get their three-day early access starting Tuesday, November 7th. Need for Speed Payback will be available worldwide on November 10th for Xbox One, PS4, and Origin for PC.

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