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August 2018

Project Nimbus

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 4
Genre: Action
Developer: KISS Ltd.
Release Date: Sept. 26, 2017

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'Project Nimbus' Gets Release Date, Also Coming To PS4 - Screens

by Rainier on Sept. 20, 2017 @ 1:15 a.m. PDT

Project Nimbus is a high speed mech game that takes action in the sky, dodge and intercept incoming missiles, fight armies of hostiles, all while saving the Earth.

Project Nimbus is a very high speed mech action game set in a post apocalyptic world. Players control a humanoid battle suit armed with an arsenal of weapons called “BattleFrame”. 

This is a mech game that lets you fly freely in the sky, dodge and intercept incoming missiles with machine guns, fight armies of hostiles with every kind of modern weapon you can imagine, Battle against numerous powerful colossal opponents with the power to annihilate armies, engage with many ace BattleFrame pilots, each has unique fighting styles and stories.

The game is set in the late 21st century; decades after a great war devastated the Earth’s surface, making it unable to support human life. Mankind has escaped to the sky.

The world is divided into 3 factions; each possesses its own orbital elevator that feed energy to keep flying cities afloat.

We found ourselves trapped on our own planet. A handful of gigantic space elevators became our refuge. Great pillars hanging in a delicate balance from the heaven. We reform, rebuild, and re-purpose. We carved nations out of thin air.

Thus arrived; the age of sky. We thrive, even on the planet that no longer welcomes us.

Project Nimbus is leaving Early Access and officially launching on September 26th as PC gamers will enter the post apocalyptic skies of Project Nimbus and pilot a dizzying array of  ‘Battle Frames,’ colossal, planet shattering war machines armed to the teeth with laser swords, rail guns and LOTS of missiles.

PS4 gamers can also gear up for some classic mecha mayhem as Project Nimbus is coming to the platform fully optimised to deliver an incredibly polished PS4 experience. The first two acts from the high flying mecha shooter will be coming to PS4 players in Japan this Autumn under the title “Project Nimbus: Code Mirai”, with the full and final game coming the rest of the world in early 2018. 

Project Nimbus has expanded massively since its Early Access launch, and we’re so thrilled with the final product. If you’re a fan of classic Japanese mecha, you will adore Project Nimbus. It offers all the robocidal, high octane chaos evangelists know and love, whilst the addictive, exciting gameplay and intriguing story will also delight newcomers to the genre.” Said Pawee Pakamekanon, Project Leader at GameCrafterTeam.

“Early Access was such a fantastic opportunity for Project Nimbus, and the community feedback has meant we can now offer the best possible incarnation for full commercial launch. We can’t wait to see Project Nimbus soar!” Said Darryl Still, Co-Founder and CEO of Kiss Ltd

Key Features

  • These giant robots have machine guns… and cannons… and A LOT of missiles… and laser… and rail guns… and drones. And you’re going to pilot one and fight armies of others. Is this explanation enough?
  • Meet the flying experience that no other aircraft can offer, total freedom in 3 dimensions. Change flying directions in a split second with boosters. With a BattleFrame's unmatched power and speed, it's even possible to climb from the planet’s surface to low orbit altitude within minutes.
  • Fly in vivid, beautiful skies at different times of the day, with various weather and above unique settings on the over-grown post apocalyptic planet.
  • You can replay the cleared story missions with any BattleFrames you have encountered in your campaign. From allied BattleFrames to various kinds of enemy grunts, even ‘boss’ BattleFrames; the enemy ace pilot’s personal machine can be yours.
  • The sky of Project Nimbus is not a welcoming place for rookie BattleFrame pilots, or even for veterans. It's filled with many famous, very highly skilled ace pilots, gigantic fleets of capitol ships and several doomsday colossal 'super weapons' like a Mega 500m. tall giant flying robots, giant weapon satellites filled with nuclear weapons or flying space fortresses.

Project Nimbus is currently available on Steam Early Access for $14.99 / £10.99 / 14.99€.

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