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July 2018

Next Up Hero

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre: Action
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: Digital Continue
Release Date: July 2018

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'Next Up Hero' (ALL) Available On Steam Early Access - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 12, 2018 @ 2:08 a.m. PST

Next Up Hero is an arcade-style, beat-'em-up adventure where you choose from a large selection of adorable heroes, fight your way through Rogue-esque levels and, inevitably, die.

Choose from nine Legendary Heroes with an assortment of weapons and abilities to suit your playstyle, from swords and rocket launchers to laser turrets, bongo drums, and boomerangs. When you die, you’ll leave behind an Echo of your hero on the battlefield. The next in the line of heroes will be able to resurrect your Echo as an AI battle companion. Take turns continuing friends’ games, fighting and dying until you have an entire army of Echoes by your side, and enough strength to finally defeat those jerk monsters. Everyone dies. Heroes continue.

So you think can slay all the monsters and win eternal glory, is that it? Bad news, hero. In the Spiral Shards, we can only send in one hero at a time to fight the Ceaseless Dirge. At some point, a flaming blue fireball, mech mortar rocket, or giant spike of doom is going to hit you in the face, and you’re going to die. That’s when the fun begins.

When you die, you’ll leave behind an Echo of your hero on the battlefield. The next hero in line will be able to resurrect your Echo as an AI battle companion. Take turns continuing each other’s games, fighting and dying with friends until you have an entire army of Echoes by your side. Everyone dies. Heroes continue.

Next Up Hero is now available on Steam Early Access for $19.99 in NA, 19.99 in the EU, and 17.99GBP in the UK. For those that participated in the beta version in the past week, you can now purchase your Early Access copy at 50% off which includes all progress from the beta!

When enough heroes have achieved enough feats of greatness, the Champion Trial will be unlocked, the most punishing ventures created by Digital Continue’s own level designers that require a joint community effort if you hope to even stand a chance. The first Champion Trial will launch in the coming weeks for Early Access adopters.

Next Up Hero is the first original game from developer Digital Continue, founded by industry veteran Joe Tringali, the co-founder of 5TH Cell, creators of Scribblenauts, Lock’s Quest and Drawn to Life.

Key Features:

  • Fight in the After Life - When you die, rejoin the venture with the next hero as an overwatching guardian angel. As you spectate, use your healing power to restore the hero's health once per battle. Just make sure to use it when your hero actually needs it.
  • Echo-op Multiplayer - While spectating, take control of an Echo and rejoin the battle to fight cooperatively with the current Hero. Echoes aren’t as strong as heroes, but in a game this hard, they’ll need all the help they can get.
  • Community Continue - Engage in a cutting edge style of cooperative play where beating community ventures is a shared achievement, and more fun than playing on your own.
  • The Champion Trial - Coming soon! The toughest ventures yet. Unlocked only when the community has proven it is ready. To have any chance of survival, you must work together as a community to solve puzzles, defeat impossible bosses, and unlock new rewards. You will probably die.
  • Spotlight Ventures and Leaderboards - Compete with the community in daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards! Play in ventures with your favorite streamers, or join celebrities in exclusive VIP ventures!
  • Customized Heroes - Defeat monsters and steal their abilities. Combine monster attacks, character skins, and Ancient abilities for thousands of deadly potential loadouts!
  • Choose Your Own Achievement - Customize your next goal using a Mad Lib style journal system. Complete those goals to earn the Grand Tokens necessary to gain entry into the deadly Champion Trial.

Next Up Hero will be available through Steam’s Early Access in the fall. Digital Continue will incorporate community ideas to improve characters, modes, weapons, attacks, and enemy types for the final game, launching in early 2018.

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