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August 2018

Endless Space 2

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Amplitude Studios
Release Date: May 19, 2017

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'Endless Space 2' Gets Vaulters Expansion Next Week - Trailer

by Rainier on Jan. 18, 2018 @ 10:12 a.m. PST

Endless Space 2 is turn-based, 4X space-strategy that launches players into the space colonization age of different civilizations within the Endless universe.

Endless Space 2 is a turn-based, 4X space-strategy game that launches players into the role of the leader of one of the many intelligent beings of the Endless universe at the beginning of the space colonization age.

Endless Space 2 will elevate the genre with a finely balanced mix of character-deep factions with their own stories, a senate for political intrigue, a new battle plan system for strategic confrontations, new streamlined interfaces with Amplified Reality, and much more.

In Endless Space you play the role of the leader of one of the many intelligent beings of a galaxy at the beginning of the space age. Very quickly, you discover the remnants of an older civilization. That civilization called themselves the Endless, among their ruins, a matter called Dust with amazing proprieties is found.

It shapes into whatever its user thinks of, it gives a reality to dreams… dreams that lead to the extinction of the Endless.

Since then that matter became the most precious matter of the universe, and therefore the universal currency… but in front of the power of the Dust it is hard, even for the purest beings, not to fall under its charm…

This first Endless Space 2 Expansion re-introduces players to the Vaulters, an all-time fan favourite civilization that has been featured in all the Endless games. Did you know that in Dungeon of the Endless you play the crew that will ultimately become the Vaulters in Endless Legend? Auriga is a small world!!!

A new civilization means a new way to play, the Vaulters will have the ability to teleport and use the Argosy - their legacy super colonizer ship featured in the Prologue video.

They will also have their own heroes (including the famous Opbot), technologies, buildings, a new starting special node, the Sisters of Mercy minor civilization that they brought with them from Auriga, and of course, a brand-new main quest. Will they discover the truth about their Gods? Will they find a new home to start all over? Will they save their people that stayed on Auriga?

The Expansion will also feature new exotic combat modules like boarding and taking control of ships, as well as the Pirate Diplomacy gameplay enabling negotiations with their leader.

You can pre-order the Vaulters DLC 10% off on Steam this week for $9.89, a 10% discount off the full $10.99 retail price.

The Community Challenge Add-On is live!

Update 1.2.0 includes the community add-on content you all unlocked through playing, as well as the contents of update preview 1.1.15, plus some more fixes, additions and balance changes, as well as localization improvements. Here's a reminder of the free stuff:

  • New planetary anomaly: the “High Energy Plasmasphere”.
  • New galaxy type: the 6-branches spiral.
  • New event: handle a new immigration crisis. Do you have what it takes to save the Remnant refugees?
  • New ship modules: the powerful Swarm Missiles, Railguns and Energy Squadrons!
  • New hero: Burra Techseeker, an amphibian famed as an exotic ship module inventor.
  • Mezari fleet skin: a blast from the past! The ancestral Mezari fleet skin for the United Empire civilization!
  • Find the full update notes here
  • Not sure how to unlock the community add-on? Check HERE

The game’s goal is to offer endless possibilities in how you play the game. Depending on your play style you will prefer to choose a more or less aggressive civilization, more or less social, economic, diplomatic… it will really be up to you to decide how to rule the universe.

Never forget that you are the leader of a population, your population. All your decisions will be analyzed, supported or criticized. Will they fear your new neighbors, be curious, or see them as an opportunity? Your population will expand, assimilate new people and evolve. Your population will be the source of your problems but also the solution to rule the galaxy. Will you listen to them or make them listen to you? Your Vision. Their Future.

And when all hell breaks loose, when war is your last resort, you should be able to enjoy the battles as if you were seeing a movie from your favorite Space Opera. So we have put a special attention to our battles… we want them to be the pinnacle of your strategy: faction affinity, traits, ship design, technologies, fleet composition, battle plays… did you make the right choices.

In the end how you will win, will totally depend on you and you play style as you have 6 different victory conditions. And when you feel ready, gather up to 7 friends or foes, create your alliances, and show them who the best emperor of the galaxy is!

Key Features

  • YOUR VISION: As the leader of your civilization will you control the entire galaxy through diplomacy and alliances, influence other empires with your glory, overwhelm your opponents with the most advanced technologies, build the greatest stellar empire, or annihilate your enemies with massive armadas?
  • THEIR FUTURE: Take the role of the emperor and watch your population react to your decisions as well as their own circumstances. Change your government, support a political party, and vote for powerful laws in the Galactic Senate. Grow your own civilization by assimilating new peoples and uniting them behind your undisputed leadership.
  • EXPLORE the Endless universe: With randomly generated galaxies, star systems and curiosities to explore, different planet types, luxuries and strategic resources to exploit, the mysteries of the Dust and new lifeforms to master, and a host of strange scientific phenomena to deal with, the player will dive into a brand new reality.
  • EXPAND beyond the unknown: Search for the mysterious Academy and uncover its secrets, then train heroes to become fleet admirals, system governors or influential senators. Develop your planets into feared stellar fortresses or fabulous utopias full of wonders.
  • EXPLOIT every opportunity: Collect Dust, luxuries and strategic resources that are tradable on the marketplace, discover amazing new technologies, and keep one step ahead of the competition through trade corporations and subtle diplomacy.
  • EXTERMINATE all resistance: Design your ships, build your fleets and carefully choose your battle plans to overcome up to seven opponents in online confrontations. Watch epic real-time space battles unfold, and improve your strategy for your next confrontations.
  • EXPERIENCE a galactic saga: Discover each civilization’s story, from the Sophon AI gone berserk to the traditional Lumeris families facing an ambitious young upstart. Learn more about the origins of the lethal Endless creation called the Cravers. Find out more about the Heretic, a mysterious and powerful character hunted by the Vodyani.
  • AMPLIFIED REALITY: See our new way of displaying information. Anywhere in the galaxy, activate this special view to scan detailed information and bring a new level of understanding.
  • GAMES2GETHER: Follow the development of the game and get to know the talents behind the scene. Make your voice count by giving feedback on the Early Access, proposing ideas, and voting for art and gameplay elements. Participate in contests and design content that will be created by the studio and added to the game.

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