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Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Pinhead Games
Release Date: Q4 2019

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'Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe' Announced, Seeks Crowd Funding - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Oct. 15, 2018 @ 11:13 a.m. PDT

Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe is a comedic spoof on classic film noir detective movies as well as a narrative driven adventure game inspired the classic adventure games of Lucas Art and Telltale games.

Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe is a comedic graphic adventure game presented in a striking Film Noir style. 

It's a little bit Maltese Falcon, a little bit CSI, and a little bit Naked Gun. The story follows detective Nick Bounty and his quest to be taken seriously as a real detective. As the case unfolds, he becomes entangled in an absurd mystery that threatens to end his life... and his newly hired partner's too!

Take control of the smart-ass detective as he questions suspicious suspects, scours shadowy environments for clues, and puts the pieces together to find out who dumped the body of a naked woman in a playground sandbox. Players will choose one of three unlikely sidekicks to customize their experience while gathering evidence and solving puzzles to track down the unusual killer in this bizarre yet hilarious mystery.

The Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe is the third game to feature Nick Bounty as the down-on-his-luck detective, but you don't need to have played either of the first two games to enjoy this one.  Each game is a stand alone story to be enjoyed on its own.

Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe is currently running a fundraising campaign to support the production of this game.

“At Pinhead Games, we believe in the unique way that interactive games can present compelling storytelling and puzzling gameplay into a fully gratifying experience.  Nick Bounty and the Dame in the Blue Chewed Shoe aims to capture the feel of  those classic Point & Click adventures with a cinematic flair and healthy dose of humor!”

“With Telltale unexpectedly shutting its doors, I wanted to find a way to continue creating those captivating and thought provoking experiences that brought me to Telltale nearly 14 years ago.  Pinhead Games offers me that opportunity and I’m committed to upholding a level of excellence that fans deserve. ” said Mark Darin, founder of Pinhead Games.

Former Telltale designer and writer Mark Darin, has been a professional game designer for the last 20 years. He’s been a lead designer and writer on many popular titles including “The Walking Dead”, “Tales from the Borderlands”, “Puzzle Agent” and “Tales of Monkey Island”.  He is also one of the 250+ employees that were recently laid off without warning of severance pay in the highly publicized closure of Telltale games.

Key Features:

  • Choose 1 of 3 sidekicks to help you solve the crime and customize your experience!
  • Fully 3D characters and environments to explore.
  • Built from the ground up in Unity.
  • Evidence gathering and analyzing game play.
  • Fully Voiced by talented voice artists.

Nick Bounty and the Dame with the Blue Chewed Shoe is in development for for PC and Mac, scheduled for release in late 2019. 

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