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March 2019

Blazing Core: Knights of the Future

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: OctoBox Interactive

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'Blazing Core: Knights of the Future' Available On Steam Early Access

by Rainier on Oct. 19, 2018 @ 3:00 a.m. PDT

Blazing Core: Knights of the Future fuses tradition and futurism as players take on the role of Mechs as they face off in tactical 3vs3 battles in a world contrasting between space age technology and feudal institutions of the past.

Blazing Core: Knights of the Future is a team-centric tactical shooter in which players become Knights of the Future, and armour-up in real mechs inspired by ancient legends. Each mech embodies the spirit and nature of a hero, while an advanced customization system allows players to fine-tune their machine’s specifications and unique abilities.

These giant robot knights are poised to do battle, each with their own set of unique skills and personality. Going into battle, players must work together to pilot their Mechs to glory, adjusting their robot accordingly and combining their abilities with that of their teammates. Each decision, from choice of character to tactics used on the battlefield, can make all the difference.

Well-coordinated and considered teamwork is crucial when it comes to besting your opponents – the majority of mech abilities fit together like a dream, which allows teams truly realize their battle potential and tactical capabilities.

The game features extensive customisation options and, as players progress, new weapons and upgrades will be unlocked for their Mech to gain further advantage in each skirmish. Two game modes will be available in the Beta: a series of rounds to capture the enemy base by destroying opposing Mechs as well as a capture and protect mode. 

For the next six months, Blazing Core – Knights of the Future will enter the Early Access phase of its development. Players from around the globe can finally unleash team-based mech mayhem for £13.99 / €17.99 / $17.99.

Following a successful month-long period in open beta, Early Access will allow more players than ever be to go toe-to-toe with rival teams in fierce 3x3 and 6x6 battles across a dazzling array of outlandish, futuristic maps.

Interested fans can sign-up to Early Access now on the official website or the Steam Page

Early Access Features

  • Maya Mia! Completely reworked Maya map featuring destructible objects and new shelters. Improved Lighting effects have been overhauled and the map filled with elements that provide players with a location backstory including that of its inhabitants
  • Upgraded! Re-vamped system for obtaining new mech equipment. Players now have the chance to obtain equipment after each match. The better you play, the greater the chance of getting new equipment
  • New Quests system - Complete daily and weekly quests and receive unique items as a reward
  • Banner-bearing drones added - Knights no longer enter the battlefield with their banners as newly-implemented banner-bearer drones now accompany the player’s mech in the battle
  • Developer OctoBox will distribute the game via the Buy-to-Play system and will not use Loot Boxes or Microtransactions

Although OctoBox keenly admits to taking inspiration from titles such as World of Tanks and Rainbow Six: Siege, Blazing Core – Knights of the Future is different beast in many ways. Instead of implementing headshots and spawn kills, the game’s core mechanics encourage tactical decision making before unleashing hell with the game’s eclectic range of weapons.

Blazing Core – Knights of the Future is a game replete with constantly evolving roster of features and game mechanics – many of which are the result of suggestions made by the community. As such, Early Access will include the following updates, refinements and new features:

Key Features

  • Flexible customization system. Each machine boasts a wide variety of weapons and equipment that let you tweak your mech’s abilities and stats. This way you can change your role on the battlefield and diversify the gameplay
  • By combining various mech abilities teams can significantly enhance their performance on the battlefield. Identifying the players’ strengths and weaknesses will let you conjure up the most effective strategies
  • Power of knowledge. Understanding the principles behind the mechs and their abilities is more important than fast reflexes. Knowing your machine and its abilities will help you find your way around the battlefield and be ready for anything
  • Chivalric aesthetics. Each mech echoes various historical eras from all around the globe and the Future Knight armour reflects that.

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