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Bad Dream: Fever

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PC
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: PlayWay
Developer: Desert Fox
Release Date: Nov. 15, 2018

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'Bad Dream: Fever' (ALL) Out On PC, Comes To Switch in Q1 2019

by Rainier on Nov. 15, 2018 @ 12:00 a.m. PST

Bad Dream: Fever is an adventure game that has a unique, feverish climate, puzzles requiring creativity as well as an unpredictable and honest history.

In the new point-and-click adventure game, the world has been taken over by an ink plaque that killed almost all the residents.

The world is covered in strange ink, an unknown plague has gathered its cruel harvest. The city seems to be completely empty and dead, but in its every corner there are manifestations of fear, sorrow, frustration, misunderstanding, loneliness and suffering. The situation looks hopelessly, but not everything is lost yet...

Enter the feverish dream and experience its abstract world. Recognize the degradation of your environment and adapt to it. Act with caution. There is a malicious virus waiting for you at each step. Avoid the ink and everything should be alright.

Keep an open mind and be prepared for anything. Expect an enemy in the person who you would least expect it. If you feel betrayed, remember that a fever can change a strong, healthy person into a complete wreck. An infected mind loses common sense..

Attempt to save at least one person. Remember, sometimes 100% effort is still not enough. Don't let the fever infect your mind. Don't let the ink to change you...

Bad Dream: Fever offers one story track and completion of the game will take an average of about 4 hours. As the producer points out, the new game does not require knowledge of previous games from the series.

“Bad Dream: Fever is a mixture of abstraction, creativity and honesty, created in a unique graphic setting and with the rejection of schemes. This is definitely not the typical adventure game – the story and puzzles will in many cases come as a really big surprise” says Robert Gąsiorowski, designer at Desert Fox.

Key Features:

  • The climate of a world resembling sleep during a fever.
  • A sincere and complex story told from the depth of the author's heart.
  • Creative riddles requiring an unconventional approach.
  • An intriguing graphic design
  • Refined locations, full of intense, suggestive climate.

Bad Dream: Fever is available as digital download for PC and Mac (Steam), and will be coming to Nintendo Switch in Q1 2019.

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