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Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Release Date: Spring 2019

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'Ylands' Early Access Update Improves Performance, Targets Spring 2019 Date - Screens & Trailer

by Rainier on Nov. 20, 2018 @ 9:35 a.m. PST

Ylands is a vibrant sandbox game with light survival elements where you explore procedurally-generated islands, live off the land, and build things piece by piece.

Explore, live off the land, and build things piece by piece. Ylands is a vibrant sandbox game with light survival elements. Alone or together with friends – your next adventure starts here.

Journey across a vast sandbox of procedurally-generated islands with biomes ranging from tropical rainforests, to sandy deserts, arctic tundras, and more. These landscapes are populated with many different animal species and hold a wealth of natural resources such as plants, soils, minerals, fuel, and a new mysterious and exotic material to the world: ylandium. The open world also features day-and-night cycles and changing weather conditions. For those brave enough, a new discovery is always on the horizon.

You find yourself stranded on a deserted island. What do you do? Mine the terrain, hunt animals, pick plants, and figure out how to craft thousands of unique items that might be essential for your expeditions. Climb magnificent mountains, descend into hidden caves, and sail across uncharted waters. This is your opportunity to seek out Ylands’ many secrets and boldly go where no one has gone before.

Ylands is made in the Unity 3D engine by Bohemia Interactive. You might also know us from the Arma series and DayZ. The Ylands team have been working on the game for a few years now – planting trees, coloring rainbows, teaching parrots to swear, and everything else that's needed to develop a great sandbox. Anyway, it’s time to play; so let us wish you a wonderful time on your Ylands, and we hope to hear about all your adventures in-game!

Bohemia deployed its biggest update for Ylands since it entered Steam Early Access. Dubbed “Peak Performance”, the new update boosts the game’s performance resulting in a massive framerate increase of up to 750%. Other major highlights include new combat and building systems, new avatar faces, replays for the level editor, and more. A new developer diary video presents an overview of the update.

Peak Performance Update (version 0.11) highlights:

  • Performance Boost – Thanks to the implementation of a new renderer, which is the code that generates a game’s visual image, players can expect to see framerate increases of up to around 750% in certain situations. It means the game will run much better on everything from work laptops to high-end gaming desktops.
  • Combat 2.0 – A new combat system adds new mechanics such as dodging, parrying, light and heavy attacks, and combos. Fighting is perhaps not the best way to settle a conflict, but at least it is now a lot more fun. The updated combat system also makes a variety of existing and new game modes more enjoyable and exciting.
  • Building 2.0 – We’ve built a better building system for the builders that like to build buildings in Ylands. It makes it so that it’s easier to place or connect objects right where you want them to. Players can now build their cheese mausoleums, opera houses, or star destroyers (for example) with much more ease.
  • Editor Replays – Imagine being able to look over the shoulder of Da Vinci as he paints The Mona Lisa. That’s essentially what the new Editor Replay feature is all about. You can now watch step by step how Ylands content creators built their masterpiece scenarios and games.
  • New Avatar Faces – All Ylanders received a huge face-lift from the finest plastic surgeons working at Bohemia Interactive, free of charge. It increased the level of detail and graphical fidelity while still keeping in line with Ylands’ signature low-poly art style.
And as usual, the update also delivers a wide variety of bug fixes and improvements. The complete changelog for the 0.11 “Peak Performance” update is available on the Ylands website.

Break out your imagination and start building. From tree houses, beach mansions, castles, and bat caves, all the way up to ships, cars, and elaborate energy devices – if you can think of it, you can build it. There’s also a special Create mode that gives you unlimited access to a library of all the available game objects and special terraforming abilities. You’ll have everything you need to surprise even yourself.

By yourself or with friends, live out your fantasies by combining your knowledge of survival, engineering, architecture, and science. Explore, create, or play one of the many custom games and seamlessly switch between singleplayer and multiplayer at any time. Plus, Ylands’ innovative Sharegames functionality enables you to save your multiplayer creations in the cloud. That means you can always pick up where you left off without needing to worry about server resets.

Take part in a growing number of official and user-generated free custom games. The Ylands workshop hosts nearly every video game genre, such as platforming, roleplaying, racing, and even simulation. Of course, you can also unleash your own inner game developer. Ylands’ powerful 3D editor and massive library of content lets you build anything from simple structures to sophisticated game modes, which you can then easily share with the rest of the community.

For the most part, we expect to earn revenue through the sales of the game itself. On top of that, we’re also providing Ylands fans with the opportunity to purchase a few special cosmetic items via the in-game store. These items consist of a selection of skins, emotes, avatars, pets, decorations, and blueprints. Altogether these items make up a fraction of the content available in Ylands, and none of them are essential to playing the game. We consider these items as little bonus rewards for some of our most dedicated supporters, and a way to make Ylands' free future updates even bigger and better.

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